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My sister and I decided to join her friends in visiting Kabankalan, Negros for the Sinulog Festival.  It will our 1st out of town joining a festival like this.

me and my sister with friends.. off to Kabankalan Sinulog…

We stayed at Gatoc’s residence for the trip. We 1st visited Fix n’ Mix bakery and stores, its was like a field trip for most of us. They allowed us to check on how they bake and pack the Kabankalan”s famous bread and pastries.

We were very excited to see what is in store for us. Since it was supposed to be a steet party, Mimay and I were asked to wear something comfortable and something we can throw away after.

the cast… Fun! Fun! Fun!

What to expect in Sinulog Festival:

  • Street Dancing
  • Alcohol (lots of alcohol drinking)
  • Walking
  • Meeting new friends
  • Black stuff on your face, black on your arms, black stuff on your clothes… (sometimes paint, sometimes coal, sometimes oil)

after joining the street party…

As what they say, the  dirtier you get the more you enjoy!


@our favorite manokan resto — Aida’s

Finally! After 5 years, Mimay is now graduating. I can still remember the reason why she transferred to Bacolod with me in 2007. This trip is not like he other trips that we had in Bacolod. This one is kinda relaxed and focused on the graduation instead.

what we had @ Bob’s Courtyard…

Our flight to Bacolod was delayed. Instead of arriving at 8pm, we arrived at around 10:30pm. From Bacolod – Silay Airport, we directly went to Courtyard where Mimay and her friends are waiting for us. Just in time for an event for Bogsbrew, we had dinner while he band was playing and of course we got ourselves a couple of bottles of beer.

Malling and foodtrip

The following day, we took Jeeko for a city familiarization tour (lol). We went to Robinsons and SM to get some stuff and fill in our stomachs at Aida’s in  Manokan Country. I didn’t let Jeeko miss the tasting of my favorite Cab gelato.

quick food @ diners’ hub… in fairness!!

We were staying at Xaver’s Apartment and since we don’t have time to cook, we often eat out and Diners’ Hub is our easiest food source. Jermaine arrive in Bacolod on our second day and this is when he also gave Mimay her graduation gift, an Iphone4S.

pichoor.. pichoor…

We would be attending both  baccalaureate and graduation rites of Mimay.

iphone pics

pichoors with mimay…

We had our dinner at Bar21 and dessert at Calea.

1st batch of food… lol

graduation dinner @Bar 21

After resting, we went to Guimaras for our family celebration. Please check this blog for our Guimaras Adventure.

watching kuya while he is making our pizza…

Before heading back to Manila, we dropped by Greeno’s Pizza for lunch.

Greeno’s big sized pizza

view while driving to Pataan Falls…

I’ve had my stint in Bacolod for work and I definitely explored the place and places around it. One of favorite place to visit is Pataan Mountain Resort.

Pataan Mountain Resort is located in Sitio Pataan, Bago City. There are several ways to get to this place via public or private transportation. I have always visited the place using private transportation since it’s hard to get a ride going up the resort. Going to the town where it is situated is easy but the climb to PNOC road is a bit of a hassle.

  • via Murcia ,before Mambukal –  turn right to  Sitio Manghumay – turn left as soon as you reach the end of the road (you should be in Bago City by this time and have experienced several slopes on your way ) – follow the road to PNOC
  • via Bago City, from Bacolod  – head South until you reach Bago City – turn left to Crossing Mining – head to Ma-ao Public Market – go straight until y0u reach Kipot Falls (you should pass by Buenos Aires Mountain Resort Signage) – turn right and follow the road to PNOC
  • via Murcia, before turning left leading to Murcia Public Market – go straight until you reach Bago City – turn left (intersection with Bago City Outpost), this is the road from Cr0ssing Mining –  head to Ma-ao Public Market – go straight until y0u reach Kipot Falls (you should pass by Buenos Aires Mountain Resort Signage) – turn right and follow the road to PNOC

on our way up…

The first time I went to Pataan, I had to ask my sister for a landmark. I remember her  telling me that we need to take the right turn after Kipot Falls and it’s going to be a tough ride since it is a rough road. We did what she told us to do and have made a joke out of it.  — “rough road? no way it’s no road!”.

the ride

see what happens? this is the reason why we left Angel in Bacolod 🙂

from kuppa breakfast to Pataan Mountain Resort…

From that time on, I can stay that the road and the resort have definitely improved. From few cottages to overnight cabins, Pataan is getting ready for more tourists to visit the place.

from entrance

before we go in 🙂

the adiks @ Pataan…

resting @ Pataan’s Pavillion…

Pataan Falls

Pataan Mountain Resort has pool too…

picture taken from our room…

Aside from the picturesque view in and from the resort, adventurous visitors would not pass on checking out the falls itself.  Compared to Mambukal, the hike to the falls in Pataans is easier. It is just one unlike the seven falls hike offered by Mambukal. The pathway is already developed too. Swimming is not very well enjoyed in the falls area but be ready to be wet because of water splash. Back massage is also one option you can enjoy 🙂 Don’t panic, there is a swimming pool inside the resort.

Picture taken from the cooking area…

For family outings and team buildings, you can bring you food inside cooked or you can cook it yourself. Paluto is also available, either you bring the ingredients or ask for their menu.


Picture taken from the pathway err walkway…

I really love the water in the resort, being cold an fresh, it always help me to relieve stress from work. Considering that the people I go with are also my workmates, the place is so peaceful that it helped me forget all my work problems.

the cast

unforgettable people 🙂

Heads up, there is corkage for drinks 😀

Bacolod <<< click link to check out the slide show

I decided to transfer to Bacolod in 2007 because of work. It was only after a week of staying in Bacolod that i learned that I am already in Negros.

My first stop was The Luxur Place,my home for my first 2 weeks. Impressive to know that I will be in staying in a hotel, but not really, finding out that the hotel is the entrace of TP.

I’ve moved into several apartments in 3 years, 5 to be exact. Lumer, Javellana Apartment 1 and 2, then in Taculing and finally in Mountain View.

Aside from my apartment hopping, I’ve been to several places in Negros. Places that may be far from Bacolod City but places that are really nice!

  • Cadiz – Lakawon Island Resort
  • Sagay – (just a road trip)
  • Manapla – (just for the puto)
  • Victoria City – (just a road trip)
  • Talisay City – Nature’s Park
  • Silay City – Balaring Seafood Restaurants
  • Bago City – Buenos Aires Mountain Resort and Pataan Mountain Resort
  • Murcia – Mambukal Mountain Resort
  • Hinigaran – Canonoy’s Beach
  • Kabangkalan – Sinulog Festival and Zaycoland Resort & Hotel
  • Dumaguete – Kidnap Day 1 (a very long roadtrip from Bacolod to Dumaguete and back in 1 day)

If I’m not home, here are the places you may want to check to find me (and why) :

  • Secrets – beer all you can for Php75.oo just along Magsaysay Ave. in front of Sea Oil (after San Antonio Abad Parish)
  • Manokan Country – Aida’s Chicken Inasal along reclamation area (near SM City). One of the 1st inasal houses in Bacolod (now open Makati Branch).
  • Bob’s Coffee and Pastries -from coffee to pasta and rice, local food to delicatessen and gelato to cakes, here is where you would want to splurge. Main branch is along Lacson St. ( now open Makati Branch)
  • Calea – I am not into sweets but if we are talking about cheesecake, carrot cake, strawberry shortcake and chocolate cake I am all on it. (along Lacson St. or visit Robinson’s)
  • Bascon Cafe – buffet lunch? Here is where you want to go. (along Lacson St.)
  • Bar 21 – lots of good food to choose from
  • Taste Station -Yep! it’s a drinking station. (along Lacson St., La Salle/ Redemptorist Church)
  • Sorrento – Pepe’s pesto/ crust chicken
  • Lord Byron’s @ homesite – the best baby back ribs!
  • Aboy’s – fine Filipino foods
  • Sugarland and Planta – for breakfast buffet!!
  • Kuppa – cofi, pasta, salpicao, gelato and wimpy burger!!
  • Pendy’s – for dinuguan and mushroom burger (or was that cheese burger??)
  • Italia – chicken parmegiana!!!
  • Saning’s – parpilla and kansi during lunch time (along Ramos St.)
  • Ting- ting’s – all about filipino native food and Piolo Pascual( Amen!)
  • Imay’s – crab rice galore
  • Sheryn’s – where i get my Kansi..
  • KGB – consumable 2500 for videoke, food and drinks
  • Cafe Breizh – crepes, crepes and more crepes!
  • Luxur Place – where I get my daily dose of Adobosilog, brewed cofee and pancakes with bacon!
  • Mabuhay Coffee – a coffee shop in Libertad.. shhhhh ( the place is not sosyal) hehehe..
  • Super Batchoy House -The best batchoy I’ve ever tasted (along Locsin St. in Downtown Bacolod)

I’ve moved back to Manila in 2009 and definitely will back in Bacolod!!!