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Secrets of Dewship << click link to check the slideshow

It all started in a youth leadership training for MAKABAGO. The name stands for Makabagong Kabataan para sa Bagong Gobyerno, which was adopted from Barangay Bagong Ilog’s MAKABAGO. We stayed in Sariaya Quezon for 3 days with selected representatives from each barangay of Pasig. There were some who just made out the information submitted just to attend the “out of town” seminar.

From then on, we started to hangout and even celebrated special days together. My friends became their friends, and their friends mine.

We’ve managed to find our ways in each others’ lives. We seemed to be very uncomfortable not talking or seeing each other in a month. Well, it used to be weekly when we were still younger, but as time passed by, we got older and busier. Finding time to spend with these guys seemed to be very hard.

From Pasig Catholic College, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasig and Polytechnic University of the Philippines, I can say, we have come  a long way!

This slideshow is not organized but you can see how we’ve evolved through the years. You may recognize familiar faces and may realize things that were not talked about for the last 9 years and a half.



Bacolod <<< click link to check out the slide show

I decided to transfer to Bacolod in 2007 because of work. It was only after a week of staying in Bacolod that i learned that I am already in Negros.

My first stop was The Luxur Place,my home for my first 2 weeks. Impressive to know that I will be in staying in a hotel, but not really, finding out that the hotel is the entrace of TP.

I’ve moved into several apartments in 3 years, 5 to be exact. Lumer, Javellana Apartment 1 and 2, then in Taculing and finally in Mountain View.

Aside from my apartment hopping, I’ve been to several places in Negros. Places that may be far from Bacolod City but places that are really nice!

  • Cadiz – Lakawon Island Resort
  • Sagay – (just a road trip)
  • Manapla – (just for the puto)
  • Victoria City – (just a road trip)
  • Talisay City – Nature’s Park
  • Silay City – Balaring Seafood Restaurants
  • Bago City – Buenos Aires Mountain Resort and Pataan Mountain Resort
  • Murcia – Mambukal Mountain Resort
  • Hinigaran – Canonoy’s Beach
  • Kabangkalan – Sinulog Festival and Zaycoland Resort & Hotel
  • Dumaguete – Kidnap Day 1 (a very long roadtrip from Bacolod to Dumaguete and back in 1 day)

If I’m not home, here are the places you may want to check to find me (and why) :

  • Secrets – beer all you can for Php75.oo just along Magsaysay Ave. in front of Sea Oil (after San Antonio Abad Parish)
  • Manokan Country – Aida’s Chicken Inasal along reclamation area (near SM City). One of the 1st inasal houses in Bacolod (now open Makati Branch).
  • Bob’s Coffee and Pastries -from coffee to pasta and rice, local food to delicatessen and gelato to cakes, here is where you would want to splurge. Main branch is along Lacson St. ( now open Makati Branch)
  • Calea – I am not into sweets but if we are talking about cheesecake, carrot cake, strawberry shortcake and chocolate cake I am all on it. (along Lacson St. or visit Robinson’s)
  • Bascon Cafe – buffet lunch? Here is where you want to go. (along Lacson St.)
  • Bar 21 – lots of good food to choose from
  • Taste Station -Yep! it’s a drinking station. (along Lacson St., La Salle/ Redemptorist Church)
  • Sorrento – Pepe’s pesto/ crust chicken
  • Lord Byron’s @ homesite – the best baby back ribs!
  • Aboy’s – fine Filipino foods
  • Sugarland and Planta – for breakfast buffet!!
  • Kuppa – cofi, pasta, salpicao, gelato and wimpy burger!!
  • Pendy’s – for dinuguan and mushroom burger (or was that cheese burger??)
  • Italia – chicken parmegiana!!!
  • Saning’s – parpilla and kansi during lunch time (along Ramos St.)
  • Ting- ting’s – all about filipino native food and Piolo Pascual( Amen!)
  • Imay’s – crab rice galore
  • Sheryn’s – where i get my Kansi..
  • KGB – consumable 2500 for videoke, food and drinks
  • Cafe Breizh – crepes, crepes and more crepes!
  • Luxur Place – where I get my daily dose of Adobosilog, brewed cofee and pancakes with bacon!
  • Mabuhay Coffee – a coffee shop in Libertad.. shhhhh ( the place is not sosyal) hehehe..
  • Super Batchoy House -The best batchoy I’ve ever tasted (along Locsin St. in Downtown Bacolod)

I’ve moved back to Manila in 2009 and definitely will back in Bacolod!!!

Hidden Valley (2010)<<< click link to check out the slideshow

Our call time was 6AM. It was my off and I decided to join the team in their Hidden Valley adventure.

It was the 1st time I met Dj’s hubby Sean, who was also from Sprint, way back.

About an hour and half drive off to South Super highway we reached the town of Alaminos in Laguna.

Anyone who is fond of natural spring water (pool) and tropical rainforest will definitely enjoy this place.

Entrance is Php1800 per head for a day tour. This will cover free usage of pools, lockers (actually, Php200 refundable deposit is required to use it), tour (walking from point A to point anywhere) and Food.

Yep! Just like Villa Escudero, except for the chapel, museum and dining ambiance.

After spending time @ the soda pool and eating snacks, we head off the the hidden falls. It was one helluva walk. It was very tiring and a bit scary as the walk way may be steep at some point but as soon as you hear the splash ~~ it will be all worth it.

The place reminded me of  “Okay Ka Fairy Ko!”

We drove back to Manila (of course we were using TP shuttle) before 6pm. I had to cover for the weekend shift 🙂

TripAdvisor™ TripWow ★ Hidden Valley (2010) Slideshow ★ to Alaminos (near San Pablo), Santo Tomas (near Los Banos) and Pasig City (near Mandaluyong) by Dutz Dacanay. Stunning free travel slideshows on TripAdvisor via Hidden Valley (2010) Slideshow(May 2010)

Boracay – 2009

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Boracay 2009<<< click to check out the slideshow

Mimay and I left Bacolod a day before their flight to Bora (D’s,Z’s and L’s). We had to travel by water and land to be in Bora, approximate travel time, 8- 10 hours.

From Bacolod, we got tickets for a weesam trip at 630am. In less than an hour we were at Iloilo’s port and from there we took a van going straight to Caticlan port.

We have Koreans from Bacolod in the van and a family “of doctors” (as what they mentioned) from Manila who traveled to Bacolod then to Iloilo to go to Bora because Manila- Bora fare is so expensive. Think about that!

So the land trip started from Iloilo, to Roxas, to Aklan or Antique to Caticlan.

We stayed in the same resort where Tita Dheng had reservations for the family.  I can’t remember the name but it is in station 1.

So we spent our 1st day in Boracay sleeping and eating hotdogs. Well we actually had a walk. I wanted ice cream and water. I felt so hot and dehydrated that time.

On our 2nd day we decided to have a walk while waiting for them. Just about before lunch, I saw Tito Ompong walking towards us!

We had 3 rooms reserved for each family.

For the next 4 days, we will be having out time in Boracay. There were a lot of walking, eating, swimming, shopping and story telling!

Everyone was expecting that we are joining their flight back to Manila but we are not. We have to travel back to Bacolod because I was only approved to be on leave for 5 days.

Jermaine joined Mimay and I to Bacolod to check on Tiffany!!

TripAdvisor™ TripWow ★ Boracay (2009) Slideshow ★ to Boracay, Bacolod and Caticlan (near Roxas City) by Dutz Dacanay. Stunning free travel slideshows on TripAdvisor

via Boracay (2009) Slideshow(March 28 to April 1, 2009)

Cebu 2010 <<< Please click to check on the slide show

My motivation as per my peers —- APPROVED VL!!

We know we were leaving for Cebu but no one planned. Yep! This is a backpacker trip. No reservation, no tour guide, just us and a new Cebu Map from National Bookstore!

Straight from work, we headed off to the airport for our trip. And just as when we thought there is no hope, our celphones have enough batteries for picture taking!!!

First flight out of Manila bound to Cebu ~~~

From Mactan Airport, we rented an inova to take us to Cebu. We specifically told manong to take us to Robinson’s near “Cebu Doctors” (as far as i can rememeber, this was what Jamez told me). We thought we were at the right place, but we were not.

Since this is a backpacker trip, the kids and mami dionisia had no choice but to follow me and Jix. It’s kinda stressfull hearing them complain, so Jix and I decided to ask them to wait for us somewhere else as we are to look for a pension house on the other side of the street.

They went back to the main street and waited for us in McDo. Well, Jixs and I continued walking and to check on a pension house that offers a family room good for about 9-10 peeps. (3 blocks covered!!)

So we met with them at Mcdo and told them we found one ~~ Travel Bee. We were so tired not just because we were walking around but because it was sooooo hot!!

Well, our 1st day was spent on finding a pension house, resting at the pension house, studying the map of Cebu and dinner at AA’s BBQ house.

For the next days of this trip, we will be going around exploring the beauty Cebu Offers!!

Day 2 Itinerary:

  • Cebu Library and Museum
  • Osmena Museum
  • Sugbo Museum
  • Cebu Cathedral
  • Sto. Nino Basillica
  • Magellan’s Cross
  • CNT Lechon
  • Taoist Temple

Day 3 Itinerary:

We wanted to have brunch.. we ended up buying guitars!!

  • Alegre guitar factory
  • Manna SuTuKil
  • Lapu- Lapu Shrine
  • Magellan’s Marker
  • Souvenir Shops ( a lot of of Souvenir Shops!!!)

Day 4 Itinerary:

  • Tabo-an Market (Danggit Moments)
  • SM Cebu

Day 5 Itinerary:

Prepare early and go back to Manila!!

We enjoyed our trip and definitely would come back for more!!

TripAdvisor™ TripWow ★ Cebu 2010 Slideshow ★ to Cebu City, Mactan Island and Manila by Dutz Dacanay. Stunning free travel slideshows on TripAdvisor

via Cebu 2010 Slideshow. (August 30 to September 3, 2010)