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There are so many souvenir shops in Davao.


After having fun at Hagimit Falls, we asked Manong driver to take us to the beach. I specifically asked him to take us to the resort with the giant slide doing to the beach. I am not sure if he understood what I said because he took us to Blue Jaz Resort. After seeing the slide, I told him that this is not the resort I was talking about and he replied – may slide din naman saka mas mura dito.

Okay fine! The place is good enough for rest and it has a swimming pool. I accompanied mamamia in paying the entrance fee and we went straight to the beach. I was still looking around for the pool and bar.

Then we saw the beach. So the water is about 20 meters away from the shore then our ever reliable driver said, low tide na kasi dapat sa umaga dito. I can’t help it, i literally laughed out really hard and left the table. I was joined by mamamia as I went to the pool. So if he knew that it will be low tide after lunch, why would he take us to the falls first? The answer, just like day 1 tour, he is still sober from last night’s drinking. If we could only get a new driver as this point!

From Davao, there are pump boats waiting for guests who are interested in having a day tour in most of the resorts. They have their own ports too. In our case, we could have gotten into a better resort only if our driver is not as sober as manong.

After taking some pictures of the pool, I asked mamamia to transfer with me at the bar. I asked for their menu then I changed my mind and asked the waiter if they have red wine. Unfortunately they don’t so I started reading through their cocktails list and did not find anything I want.  We ordered buko juice and halo-halo instead. We had a great time in the bar until our driver acted up. Yes, just like kids, you would know if he is hungry and throughout our Davao trip I can say he needs to have a dose of combatrin!

We transferred to the shed/ table and had our food prepared. Tito Wally had a drink with our driver and us girls went around,  enjoyed the beach (after hours of waiting) and stayed by the pool. If we would think about our driver, we would only ruin our trip. So instead, we just enjoyed ourselves.

The resort is fine but not the high end resort you would usually see us spending our time. It’s well kept and the people are very friendly.

Our second day in Davao was dedicated for swimming. We only have 2 places in mind, Hagimit Falls and the beach. There were also a lot of suggestions that we received from friends but we decided to just visit two places. This vacation was not my usual, visit all the places and take as many pictures as possible, it’s  more of let’s go and then rest after vacation.

We took our service car with us in Samal. Surprisingly, we only paid around Php300.00 for 6 passengers and van. Travel time is lass then 30 minutes and you can be rest assured that you will not wait for too long if your are in a hurry to visit Samal and go back to Davao. Trips are sent off almost every 30 minutes.

Our first stop for the day, Hagimit Falls. Manong driver decided to take us to the falls early in the morning. We had to pay a cheap dust of Php40 per head and parking fee before entering the resort. We thought that there would be hiking and trekking but thanks God, they have a concrete pathway/ stairs which leads tourist to all the resorts.

Do not expect a high waterfalls view in Hagmit Falls. This resort is a composed of several tiers of mini waterfalls and streams. Most of the resort owners have developed the resort to ensure the safety of their guests and swimmers.

We decided to stay at Mahal’s Resort. Here, we spent our time swimming and eating. We were also able to meet Dra. Mahal, the owner of the resort. We decided to use the exit of Mahal’s Resort instead of going back to the 1st trail. It is a bit steep compared to the entrance but shorter.

We left Hagimit Falls after lunch and went off to spend the rest of our time at the beach.

For our whole trip in Davao, I can say that we did not spend a lot of time looking for the best restaurants and eat. We agreed to be very careful on splurging on food.

Our 1st day is almost over and we haven’t had lunch. From the airport, we went directly to McDonald’s to grab breakfast and then went to the house we rented for our stay to leave our things. We visited two tourists’ spots and heeded Manong Driver’s advise of not getting the buffet package at Eden Nature Park because he konws where to take us for lunch.

The misadventures begin!

At around 11:45am, we were done touring the resort. We took advantage of the platted snack package then left the resort. While on the road, they were not interested in seeing the Malagos Garden so the driver took us directly to PEC. Well, not directly, we got lost. We have already passed PEC and have been driving for about 30 minutes when manong driver realized.  We drove back to PEC and our hopes were high that we can finally have our lunch. Yes. We DID not have lunch. We walked around the park a bit but left right away. We did not anticipate mosquitoes and insects attack. We hurriedly went out of the water district only to find out that our driver just left. We waited for 30 minutes and at last he showed up. We found out that he went out to get some durian. Since it’s a pajero we are using, imagine the smell we had to bear while aboard going back to the down town.

We were very precise on the hours we traveled going up to Eden Nature Park, it’s not more than 2 hours. We are now awake after some minutes of sleep and we are still on the road. Why is it taking us so long to go back to downtown? We are now running 1.5 hours from PEC. Tito Wally asked the driver the million dollar question, “Pre, saan tayo kakain?”. Kaboom! To our surprise, his suggestions were — ERRRR?! Carenderia where we can see a lot of habal- habal ang jeepneys parked. We asked him if he know of a restaurant where we can eat instead. He said he is not familiar with restaurants but maybe we can find one in Davao City. We all agreed to just continue going and eat in Davao City. From PEC to Davao City, it took us 2.5 hours drive. I don’t know how it happened but It’s definitely not pleasant.

We finally got to park at Victoria Plaza Mall. We were so excited seeing the restaurants around. To our surprise, they were actually closed but there was one restaurant open — Ahfat’s seafood plaza. Since we didn’t have any choice, we walked in and checked on the menu.

We were not disappointed this time. The restaurant’s service was really fast and the staffs are very accommodating to guests. The food were also delicious and they would even give suggestions to guests who are confused on what size to order. I remember trying to order 2 medium sized rice platter then the waiter told me – get 1 large instead, it’s cheaper and that would just be enough for your group. Yes it was!

So were done with lunch. We hurriedly grabbed some stocks in the grocery for our Day 2 adventure in Samal. While doing it, Mamamia and Tita Julie were texting some of their friends to meet up for dinner. Mamamia was texting Sham and Tita Julie texting Marion. Both of them agreed to meet us for dinner, the question is where. I asked Manong Driver if Jack’s Ridge is near our place. He said yes and that place is nice. So we got a place for dinner!

Marion picked us up at around 7pm while Sham waited for us at Jack’s Ridge. Oh yes! Our place is just near, imagine driving to Jack’s Ridge for 40 minutes without traffic. I am not sure if Manong driver is sober the whole Day 1 trip.

Since we had a late lunch, we told Marion that we would just eat light. When we were served with beers, I thought we are good but when the next plates came in, I said, we were in big trouble. They ordered a lot!

The place is really cozy and they serve good food! We were not able to finish the orders and had them wrapped. Before heading hoe, we went around Davao City and grabbed some fruits for Day 2 adventure.

Off to Samal we were on Day 2 and as soon as we were back in Davao, we were again in line for a food misadventure. I had to access the internet while on barge to check on a restarurant or panciteria or a batchoy house. I’ve enumerated the list I found in the net and we agreed to visit Gorio’s Panciteria because of lugao and crab omelete. I asked manong  to drive towards San Pedro Hospital and we should find the panciteria around the corner.

Something caught our attention – El Goto de Obrero, ang pinakamasarap sa Davao!

We were already driving along Obrero when we saw the tarp, so we decided to park and eat there. There were a lot of parked cars and a lot of people seated. Hmmm, looks like we are in the right place. Before we reached the tables, the guests stood up and left. So we sat and watch as the servers clean up the table and remove the plates with unfinished foods while we check on their menu. They have set meals for batchoy and lugao. Three of ordered lugao and three of usordered batchoy. We even ordered three extra eggs and 3 extra siomai.

This place is NOT what i says to be. We had to follow up on the extra only to be informed that they just had it cooked. The worst part is, we had to argue with the cashier as she is asking us to pay for the extra siomai that we ordered and sent back to the kitchen. The served us spoiled/ rotten siomai!!! We asked the cashier to eat it and if she can, we’d pay double. She smelled the siomai and said – Ay sobrang kabaho. Hindi na lan pabayaran.

No wonder why the plates were not empty when they cleaned up the table. We should have stood up and transferred instead of staying and trying the food.

We picked up some goods along our way home. Just to be sure we won’t get hungry in the middle of the night.

Come day 3, it’s time to again meet up with Marion for some shopping. He drove us around Davao City and stopped by some tourists’ spots along the way. Then lunch time came.

We ordered seafoods of course and seated in the dining area. We were asking them if they would want to seat by the beach but they all agreed to just seat inside. We were driving around in two cars this time. We still have Manong Driver with us. So while waiting for the food, we asked him if he knew the place and he answered yes. All eyes rolled. I remember handing a paper to him with the list of the places we wanted to visit and where we would like to dine. It was our first time in Davao and we only familiarized ourselves via research.  Good thing the food was great! It sufficed the anger of the collegialias that I am with ( FYI – I am traveling with my mom and her highschool friends).

We strolled for a while and stopped by a souvenir shop then went to —- Gaisano for pizza before grabbing our stuff at Deca Homes and finally to the airport.

Philippine Eagle Center, being one of the most popular tourists’ destinations in Davao is our next stop for our Davao Lagaw.

On our way back , we asked the driver to drop by the Philippine Eagle Center. We decided not to visit Malagos Garden and go straight to PEC.

It is located at Barangay Malagos in Baguio District. PEC is inside the Davao City Water District’s (DCWD) Watershed Park. It is known to be the haven of the Philippine Eagles and other animals in captivity. The park serves to be their habitat and breeding ground.


  • Davao City Water District’s (DCWD) Watershed Park- Php 5.00 (adults)/ Php3.00 (kids)
  • Philippine Eagle Center(PEC) – Php 50.00 (adults)/ Php 30.00 (kids)

Guide and use of tables/ chairs are free of charge.

How to get there:

PEC is about an hour to an hour and a half drive to the south of Davao City.

  • Public Transportation – From city proper (Annil Terminal), ride a bus headed to Calinan. Regular 15 minutes interval for bus departure is expected. Fare is at Php30.00 from the city to Calinan.  From Calinan, hail a pedicab going to PEC which will cost you Php 6.00 per head. Public utility jeepneys are also available in San Pedro Street. Last jeepney trip going to Davao is at 6pm.
  • Taxi –   A taxi ride from Davao City to PEC will approximately cost Php 1,500.00. Never forget to negotiate and agree on the tour coverage.
  • Driving – Follow the main highway from Davao City going south (road to Digos and GenSan). Drive until you reach Ulas – Calinan junction then turn right. Go straight ahead (approx. 15 mins drive) then make a left towards Malagos. Keep an eye on the signage of the park on your right side.


  • Do not forget to bring and use insect repellant lotion or spray. Insects and mosquitoes are expected in the park.
  • Haggle on your shopping. Inside the DCWD Water Park are stores that offer tshirts, sarong, fruits and souvenir photos with exotic animals.
  • In need of food? Don’t worry, inside the park is Eagle Forest Inn and Eagle’s Deck Cafe.

Up next, our misadventures and adventure for lunch.

For more information : Philippine Eagle Foundation