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just in front of the reception...

On my parents 30th wedding anniversary, we decided to celebrate with some friends and workmates. We are headed to Lucban, Quezon as we wanted to visit Kamay ni Hesus Shrine.

One month before the celebration, I suggested that we have an overnight stay and l volunteered myself to look for a resort. I have came across several resorts and I decided to present to them the idea of staying at Batis Aramin since it’s the nearest resort I saw on google map.

where to park?

I would consider Batis Aramin as a nature park.

Guests can enjoy a lot of activities ranging from backpackers to  family activities to group / team building activities. Aside from the landscape which included a man-made river and several bridges to go around the resort, they also have swimming pools, boating/ fishing area, picnic areas and an adventure camp.  The adventure camp offers rope course, obstacle course, open field area, wall climbing tower, rappelling tower and zipline.

room rented.. good for more than 10pax

Accommodations can vary from backpackers to large groups.

They offer:

  • Fan/ Aircon Rooms
  • Rest House
  • Cottages
  • Function Halls
  • Hotel Accomodation


The room we settled for is comfy. It can accommodate more than 10 pax with its own washroom inside the room. The room we was airconditioned with mattresses available for use. They also have enough space for our luggages in the room (mini walk in closet 😀 ) with towels, toilet papers, soaps and shampoo ready. It may not be the most expensive room in the resort but it is more than the ordinary dormitory room we can get in other resorts.

one of the available pools…

Good thing about the resort aside from the amenities is that they do not charge corkage. You can bring your own food and drinks (of course booze included).  The resort has its own mini store just behind the reception area and they offer snacks, drinks and other supplies you may need. Several barbeque stations are situated around the pool area and they also have a restaurant ready to serve your favorite native food. Do not hesitate to ask for help for paluto because they are very much willing to help.

pool with slides...

How to get there:

  1. Via Rizal (Driving – Majyjay Route)
  •  Masinag, go straight to Sumulong Highway then turn left until you reach Sumulong Circle (you wouldn’t miss the turn since it’s the last turn to take before the one-way sign to Antipolo Church) or take the Tikling junction route and go straight until Sumulong Circle.
  • Go around the rotonda and take the right turn which should lead you to other Rizal Towns.
  • Go straight ahead until you reach Pililia.
  • Two options are available, go up the mountain by taking the left road or to go straight and enjoy the the view of the bay. (at this point you are soon to enter Laguna District).
  • As soon as you reach Pagsanjan, turn right (going to Sta. Cruz) then turn left on Pagsanjan Public Market.
  • Go straight to Magdalena and as soon as you see the Y road, take the right route and go straight to Majayjay.
  • From Majayjay, take the main road and turn right going to the the church. You should pass through zigzag roads and rice fields.
  • In about 30 – 45 mins (depending on your step on the accelerator), you should reach Lucban.
  • Turn right just after the Plaza (main thoroughfare), and go straight ahead going to the Kamay ni Hesus Shrine.
  • Before reaching the shrine, you should see the signage of the resort on your left.

2.   Via SLEX (Driving)

  • From SLEX, take the Calamba exit to Los Banos.
  • Go Straight to Pagsanjan then follow the Majayjay route above.


  • From Pagsanjan Town Proper (where the Municipal Hall and Church are located), take the left turn going to Cavinti Laguna.
  • Go straight, you should still pass several zigzag roads and slopes until reaching Luisiana.
  • From Luisiana, go straight until you reach Lucban.
  • Turn right just after the Plaza (main thoroughfare), and go straight ahead going to the Kamay ni Hesus Shrine.
  • Before reaching the shrine, you should see the signage of the resort on your left.

3.  Bus Transpo

  • RIZAL – from Tanay, take a jeepney going to Siniloan. Transfer to a Lucena City bus route in the terminal in between Siniloan and Famy. This should pass by Lucban. Take a jeepney or tricycle to the resort.
  • LUCENA  – from Manila, take a bus headed to Lucena City. From Lucena Central Transport Terminal, take a jeepney or bus headed to Lucban. Take a jeepney or tricycle to the resort.

gazebo in the garden..

Batis Aramin is not just good for family / barkada outing. The resort is also a good venue for garden weddings and team buildings.

group pic...

Contact Information:

  • Brgy. Malupak, 4328 Lucban, Philippines
  • Landline +63 42 540 7320 | Mobile +63 917 595 4145

Website : Batis Aramin Resort


After walking… and walking… and walking… finally!

Let me go ahead and share my immersion for 2012. I called it immersion because, I needed some time off the city and enjoy my bum moment.

At last! I am work free… worry free…

So it is that time of the year. Tita Ela is here in the Philippines and we are up for her yearly Caridad. Our neighbors are ready with pitchers because we would come knocking on their doors with our gulaman with pinipig.

This year is quite different. We’ve all gotten bigger and we are no longer complete. We cannot have our pizza making contest and egg hunt but as expected, we have our itinerary prepared. Well, sort off. We know the places where we want to go but our schedule is still not defined. So we decided to have a roadtrip to the south with Mitzi. Kudos to Mitzi for keeping up with us.

From Antipolo, we went to Laguna and yes, we went through the Rizal route instead of SLEX. As usual, we stopped at Petron Famy for our quail eggs and yosi break. Since it’s near sundown, we decided to drop by Pagsanjan Market to get some food.

i had to cross the bamboo bridge!

So we reached our first stop, Majayjay. We had to walk for about 15 minutes to reach the farm. As expected, I am assigned to deal with the kitchen stuff. While everyone is busy taking pictures and walking around, I was busy cooking. We agreed to do it via the back to basics way. We had banana leaves for plate, coconut juice for drinks and guess what, I had to cook the old fashioned way too.

the walk.. the pictures… the pawis!

Before 7pm, we decided to leave the farm and head off to Liliw, Laguna. It was about 20 minutes drive from the farm and as expected, Lola Naty reserved rooms for us. The house we stayed in is the the ancestral house of the Zulaybars in Liliw, Laguna. It’s about 2 minutes walk from the cathedral and all the shops.

bonding tme @ liliw

The following morning we were up very early and all prepared for our rice field visit. We were informed that we need to walk but we are not aware that we would walk for 2 hours just to go around.

We enjoyed the view and fresh air. We didn’t realize that we were already walking for two hours. We were all perspiring and thirsty when we we reached the end of the field, then we saw the falls. If it weren’t to high, I think we would have jumped over.

2 hours walk… why not?

Let’s go to the rice field… errrr..

1st challenge, tumulay!

The highlight of the day, me falling over the PILAPIL. I never imagined myself climbing over and having 2 people pulling me up just to get back the pathway. We were all laughing on our way back.

moment captured… I fell…

We went back to Liliw to fetch Janers and the kids and head off to Nagcarlan. This time to visit Tita Dheng’s farm.

touring Laguna via 2- wheels… hahaha

Mamamia and I decided to wait for them in the car. I cannot handle another hour of walking and sight seeing. When they returned, I asked Mimay to get into Mitzi and I’d join papapicolino on the motorcycle ride. We went ahead and checked on the falls since we’ve agreed to go for a swim before heading back to Majayjay for dinner.

from the farm to the falls…

So we reached the falls. Learning that the water is deep (about 2 coconut trees high), we decided to head back to Liliw for lunch and check on resorts for a swim.  We stayed in the resort for about 3 hours before leaving for Majayjay. After I prepared dinner and buying Jack — the new horse in town. We headed back to Liliw for the night to rest.

The following morning we prepared early and visited the church and had some shopping. After snacks, we bid farewell to everyone as we are set to meet the Castanedas in Lucban, Quezon.

Kamay ni Hesus- Lucban, Quezon

Just before lunch, we are already walking towards the Garden of Eden. We’ve took a lot of photos and had our fair share of goofing around. We agreed that the climb is a challenge for everyone because we’ve gained so much weight and most of us are now smoking but we did it.

We relaxed by the Buko Shake stall, cleaned up and said our goodbyes.

The 3 days I spent with family in this trip is just in the halfway mark of my so called immersion. I started the summer with a trip to Palawan and we still have plans on going out of town by next month.

Kamay Ni Hesus

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Family Picture

We were able to do it!

We paid a visit to our relatives residing in Project 6, Quezon City last April 8. It served as a mini reunion for us as well. Two of our aunts who are living abroad came home and our grannies from the Salcedo side were also present. It is very seldom that we get the chance to meet up and share our stories.

It was a surprise for me when tita Marvie (my tita from the US), hugged me and told that she is fond of my FB posts. She even remembered my post about the cebu pacific incident we had. After lunch, everyone is sharing stories, experiences and travels over the years and that is when an out of town church visit was discussed. Initially, we agreed to visit Manaoag but since my family will be in Laguna for the rest of the week, we then changed it to Kamay ni Hesus.

Kamay ni Hesus

The Church and Hill to Ascending Christ

Kamay ni Hesus is considered as one of the top lenten destination. Strategically located in the slope of Mt. Banahaw in Lucban Quezon, the compound (as I think of it), is one of the best pilgrim venues in the country.

The church is situated in the middle of the compound. Its backdrop is the famous 292 steps leading to the 50 – foot Ascending Christ Statue. Surrounding the church are several life size statues of saints, Virgin Mary and angels.


Several statues of the Virgin mary

The entrance to the hill of 14 stations of the cross is the Garden of Eden. As soon as you enter the gate, you will be astounded by the beauty of the garden and Noah’s Ark. Noah’s Ark is sometimes looked into as a play ground but it is not just that. It is a place of prayer and tranquility. It offers rooms/ function area for pilgrims and retreats.

Station of the Cross

on our way up the hill…

Station of the Cross

Halfway up…

As you go your way up to the hill, you can enjoy the beauty of nature and the scenic design of the compound. Halfway the hill and you can start seeing the whole compound and the beauty of Laguna’s and Quezon’s landscape.

the view

view from top… (halfway up)…

It is also considered as a healing center. They are offering healing masses every week with Fr. Joey Faller ( .


Other life size statues…

Don’t fret. If you think you will get tired, thirsty and hungry on this trip, the answer will be YES! but food shops are available. They offer their local favorites pancit habhab, bulalo, lumpia, buko juice and a lot more. Pasalubong center is also in the vicinity.