Travel Bucket List

going through the packets… me working!

I stumbled upon my diary from the 90’s and found a full page of my life’s bucket list. I had it titled – What and Where I want to be. Smiling all by myself, I found some interesting and some silly wishes I had when I was 10 years old. In no particular order, here is my bucket list:

  1. Helicopter Ridecompleted in HK 1990
  2. Party on a Cruise Shipcompleted in HK 1990
  3. Horseback Riding while touring a farm/ resort
  4. Cliff Diving (with no alcohol in my system)
  5. Swimming at Benguetcompleted March 2012
  6. Cave Diving (with no alcohol in my system)
  7. Motorcycle Ride while touring Lagunacompleted April 2012
  8. ATV or Buggy Ride (me driving)completed May 2011
  9. Sunrise at the Mountain Province
  10. Ride a Gandola
  11. Relax in Pagudpud with friends/ family – completed November 2012
  12. Visit Disneyland
  13. Experience Escargots- a la carte in France
  14. Scuba Diving – completed April 2013
  15. Drink Beer in a park in Germany
  16. Buy  Korean Teddy Bears
  17. Visit Greece and swim in the beach
  18. Eat Tamilokcompleted March 2012
  19. See the sunken Cemetery at Camiguin  – completed May 2014
  20. Visit/ Revisit 10 Waterfalls in the Philippines and make sure to take pictures of myself with the falls behind me
  21. Blow my birthday cake on top of the empire state building
  22. Calauit Safari Park Adventure
  23. Tour Italy
  24. Take my picture with atleast 4 of the wonders of the world
  25. Watch a Movie Premiere in LA
  26. Watch the F1 Night Race
  27. Roadtrip to Boracay from Manila
  28. Batanes get away
  29. Summer at St. Bart’s
  30. Have my picture taken beside mark harmon’s and marilyn monroe’s stars

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