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guimaras strait….

After our last visit to Bacolod, we have decided that we will be visiting Guimaras Island after Mimay’s graduation.

We were up early. All of our things are prepared and everyone is excited. We made sure that we will be able to join the first trip from Bacolod to Iloilo. From Bacolod, it took us about an hour and forty five minutes to reach Iloilo. From the drop off point (super ferry), we took a cab to Ortiz port. We could have rented a tricycle or trike to but we chose to rent an avanza since it will be cheaper if calculated per head and it will be comfortable for us.

the multicab that we rented…

Jordan Wharf (Guimaras Island) is 15 minutes away from Ortiz Port. Boat fare is Php15.00 and wait time for boat departure is less than 10 minutes as many tourists and locals are continuously traveling back and forth.

discipline people… if it’s a NO then it should be taken as NO!

The wharf is currently under renovation but their strict rule of no mango / seedling to enter the island is still implemented.

a lot of mangoes taken home…

­­­Public transportations are available for tourists, jeepneys,  multicabs  and tricycles are all parked ans ready by the wharf. Since we are a group, we decided to rent a multicab going to Raymen Beach Resort for Php450.00. Again, it is cheaper if we compute the fare per head and we would be comfortable as well.  Tricycle rent is about the same price and with all the stuff we have, renting is our choice of transpo. From the wharf, the resort is about 45 minutes drive (with no traffic).

hahahaha… look at jeeko!

On our way to the resort, we stopped by the public market for our food. Since we are staying overnight, we wanted to make sure we have quick munchies avaibale. We also decided to get our pasalubongs as early as day 1 because we need to catch and early trip the following morning.  We were also looking for mango catsup and shrimp paste.

what we had for lunch… we forgot to take pics of the others…

my favorite….

Since we arrived early, we first stayed in a cabana prior to transferring our stuff inside our room. I had to cook for lunch and since Mimay is on fasting we ordered sinigang in Raymen’s Resto.  The resort also offers Guimaras land trip and Island hoping.

yes i am ready to swim!

pump boats by the sea.. waiting for passengers?

cliff diving attempt fail…

It was more of a Jeeko’s celebration. I had to take Jeeko’s and Jermaine’s picture while everyone else is resting by the cabana. We really enjoyed the sand and water. Mamamia and Papapicolino joined us after resting too.

i had to take this… no matter what!

bonding time…

bench body?

There were some food left from lunch and I have cooked liempo by 5pm. We thought of ordering rice instead of cooking it for dinner. We have also placed our orders for breakfast since we are leaving the place early to catch our 9am trip from Iloilo back to Bacolod.

look into our eyes…

say what now?!

We also asked for manong’s number to confirm our pickup by 6am.


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