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Station 1 – Boracay, Aklan

Station 2 – Boracay, Aklan

Station 3 – Boracay, Aklan

Puka Beach – Boracay, Aklan

Fairways and Bluewater – Boracay, Aklan

Tinkgo Beach – Alcoy, Cebu

Sta. Fe Beach Club – Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island

Kota Park- Madredejos, Bantayan Island

Alona Beach – Paglao, Bohol

Sheridan Beach – Puerto Princesa

Mabini Beach – Mabini, Batangas

Lakawon Island – Cadiz, Negros Occidental

Hundred Islands – Alaminos, Pangasinan

White Beach – Puerto Galera, Mindoro

It's more fun in the Philippines!

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For me and my cousins, 2012 summer is at its peak and we have to enjoy the scorching heat of the sun! We wanted to enjoy our summer and at the same time add a place to my LIBOT PILIPINAS map. So we decided to join a group trip to Pangasinan.

We first explored Bolinao and then set off to Alaminos to visit the Hundred Islands. As expected, we had the usual island hopping and picture taking. Manong would stop by an island and give us trivia about the island and he is very much willing to answer random questions about Alaminos too.

Since it’s about lunch time the other boatman signaledmanong to dock to Quezon Island (the island where most tourists stay for lunch).

It’s around 11:30 am and the weather is not disappointing us! It was so hot and i would kill for a glass of cold water.The boatman told me that I can get cold buko juice in the island for only Php20.00. Considering the location, I would agree that it’s cheap.

Buko de Ap

i could kill for a glass…

All of a sudden my sister Mimay screamed and pointed to the island saying — “Oh My God! Si yun diba?!”. Everyone looked and zoomed in our lenses and saw people lined up buying Buko Juice. Buying buko juice from Apl. de. ap. then posing for a picture.

serving the juice

serving the juice

WOW! Twenty pesos for a glass of ice cold buko juice in the middle of 123 islands surrounded by the water of South China Sea, served by with picture taking? That is way cheap!!!

the stand

the juice stand…

As soon as we are off the boat, we went straight to the juice stand and laughed. We are now part of the long line waiting to order and claim our juice from Kuya (an look – a- like).

Apl. de. ap


Buko Juice Price:

  • Small – Php 20.00
  • Large – Php 40.00

Now that is effortless marketing!

Imagine all of these people lining up on Buko de Ap juice stall to get themselves ice cold buko juice and pictures taken with the owner doing nothing to advertise. What he did is to capitalize on his look and use it to attract tourists. Who else can think of that if not a Filipino?

more fun!!

more fun in the Philippines!

Hats off to Kuya. He tells the tourists to take pictures with him with the Hundred Islands signage seen in the backgound.

Group Pic!

He asked for a wacky shot… lol

Innovation, Business, Marketing Strategy and a lot more are FUN in the Philippines!

View from the top

Mimay and I were arguing on how to spend the weekend after Tita Ela leaves for Hongkong. I kept on suggesting a cheaper alternative by organizing a summer outing with our cousins to Pansol. She would not agree to it and would always go back to her swimsuit reason. Apparently,  she bought swimsuits perfectly designed for beach outings. Before the end of the day, we posted an invite in our FB group for the proposed outing and as expected, Denzy as active as always, responded to the invite and started helping out in listing possible venues.The suggestions included Puerto Galera, Laiya, Pangasinan, La Union and Bicol but with the budget and time crunches we have, we think it would be impossible to have everyone join.

Then a text message arrived — Darnel is asking if I am interested in revisiting Bolinao and Alaminos.

We started packing early Friday morning for the trip with the printed itinerary on hand. We were supposed to join Darnel’s group at HSBC Alabang but they later changed the pickup point for us to Ortigas. Instead of heading to Podium, we met the group at Robinson’s Pioneer. There were two vans for the trip. We joined the green van with Darnel and as expected, we would not leave Manila without a comedic antic completed. Instead of picking us up along the taxi bay area, we had to run along Edsa and get in the van. (Classic!).

Our first stop is for pee break, 12am. I suddenly remembered that my last visit to the north (which means my last exit to NLEX) is nearly 5 years ago. We grabbed some quick munchies from the convenience store too and of course I had to take my yosi break as well.

With five hours of roadtrip ahead of us, i made sure my phone is fully charged nd Bon Jovi is in good condition. I am a time freak and I have a feeling that this trip would not go according to plan.

Proposed Itinerary

Hoping to follow you on the dot. 🙂

The two day itinerary is already prepared and the contribution is set to PhP 2, 500.00 per head which covers  the van/ gas, food, lodging and tour guide expenses. The printout stated it very clear, we are to stay in a house with two bedrooms to be shared by 20 people and this trip is to be enjoyed in a cowboy mode.

Since we are using a privately rented van, we passed though the alternate route to SCTEX heading to Bolinao.

  • 4:00am – arrival at Tito Larry’s and Mama’s place
  • 5:00am to 7:00am – rest
  • 7:00am to 8:00am – prep time
  • 8:20am – departure for Bolinao Experience (20 minutes late as planned; expect delays when 20 pax share 2 washrooms).

Places to Visit :

  • Balingasay River Sanctuary
  • Bolinao Lighthouse
  • Patar Beach
  • Enchanted Cave

We were supposed to take pictures in the river sanctuary but the guys decided to go straight to the lighthouse.

Treasures of Bolinao

The expected trekking…

Where shoudl we head first?

to the lighthouse or to the beach?

the girls


Ang Parola

wala naman lalaki sa parola eh…

While we were taking pictures and enjoying the view, Mama and Tito Larry went to Patar Beach to check for available cottage as we were scheduled to have lunch by the beach. After 30 minutes of perspiration due to picture taking and walking under the heat of the sun, we met withMama and Tito Larry at the waiting area. We were informed that we would first visit enchanted cave and would be going to the beach later.

So off we go the Enchanted Cave!

  • Entrance Fee – PhP 70 (viewing only) and PhP100 (viewing and swimming)
  • Parking Fee – Max of PhP 50.00

Enchanted Cave is one the many caves in Bolinao where tourists can enjoy underground swimming. It may not be as long as the underground river of Palawan but the caves in Bolinao offer crystal clear water. Different cottage sizes are available which are strategically situated within the resort. Hammocks are also available for guests to use during siesta. Their outdoor pool is small but is perfect for pictorial 😀


we are now entering an enchated place 🙂

inside the cave

ready to swim?

Stairs to the highest point

i won’t go up… no i won’t!

Hammocks are available...

Mimay trying the hammock 😀

Outdoor Pool

my gurlz posing pool…

We had our lunch and spent more time taking pictures and swimming. After our afternoon snack and charades, everyone prepared to head off to the beach.

patar beach

i tried a panoramic shot .. i think i failed 😦

Our next destination, Patar beach.

group pic @ patar beach

its was a long walk.. i swear!

There are lots of resorts in this area. Some offers hotel – like accommodations while some are offering backpacker accommodation. Patar’s sand may not be as white as Boracay’s but the pristine water it offers is comparable. Many bamboo/ nipa hut cottages are available for day trip accommodation as well.

mimay and me

Beach bumming weekend —wish some true!!


Mimay enjoying the sunset… no sun in the pic unfortunately…

We spent the night at Tito Larry’s / Mama’s place in Bolinao and the the following morning is all about Alaminos Adventure. After our breakfast, we set off to Alaminos. Not everyone is decided to swim and others would just like to do relax by the beach.

welcome to hundred islands

we were here!!

I have been to Alaminos before and have seen the beauty that the hundred islands has to offer. . We rented a boat for PhP 1800 for the trip. The usual island hopping and triva Q&A with the boatman are completed when we were all starstrucked by See this blog why : Marketing Strategy, more fun in the Philippines!

hundred islands

using a my cybershot.. justified?

hundred islands

another shot from my sony digicam…

Activities completed : Snorkling, Cliff Diving, Picture Taking, Lunch and a lot of malditahan moments 😀


okay, i have to jump!

shadow concept

we are the word, we are the children!


we need to have this shot no matter what…

We headed back to the wharf at around 3:30pm. Shower is available at Lucap wharf for Ph10.00 but if you are in a hurry there are a lot of pension houses offering it for Php20.00

were back!

and we are back!!

We were back in Manila at around 12:00am.

Summer 2007 (Alaminos, Pangasinan)<<< click this link to check out the slide show

April 5 to April 7, 2007(Alaminos, Pangasinan)

I was not even part of the political office then. Rain and I would always wake up these guys at F&B 3 – bedroom unit then proceed to room 210 for breakfast.

Then came the Holy Week. Since its a long holiday, we decided to pack our bags and head off for a summer get-away.

Riding a bighorn, we set off to Alaminos, Pangasinan. We have been reminded several times about the left turn we have to take at Tarlac. I swear we were looking for the landmark! We have been looking out for any left turn sign to take but we fail. As soon as we reached Carmen Rosales, we parked and asked where the F is that left turn. Yeah, we passed it several miles back. Turning back would mean another 2 hours looking for a right turn this time. So we decided to go straight and continue the roadtrip. Summing it all up, instead of about 3 hours drive, we ended up having an 8- hour trip from Pasig to Alaminos. Yep! we actually passed through Tarlac going way up north to Lingayen going back to Alaminos.

We stayed in a pension house managed by Sir Junn and Ms. Jen (JG Travel).

This was our Itinerary (if my memory serves me right):

~~ Meet at RENAISSANCE CENTRE and leave before 12am

~~ check in early (Pension House) then rest

~~ lunch (@ Old Sentosa Sea Food Resto)

~~ visit market for stocks and supplies

~~ transfer room (to the ground floor)

~~ drive around the city (visit LUCAP)

~~ mahjong

~~ drink and smoke

~~ sleep

April 6

~~ off to hundred islands

April 7

~~ Leave before 12 noon to prepare for the election. Apparently, while we were on the road, we received a message that they were not required to report to work until the following day.

We were supposed to head back to Manila by April 8. We actually planned to go back to the islands and play mahjong while drinking :).

I never thought that I just had my last trip with them that year. Soon after we went back to Manila, I flew to Bacolod for my ACCM stint.

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