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snapshots of my trips… some pics are not yet included…

I started blogging in 2006. I’ve transferred from one blog site to another, from blogspot to friendster and finally to wordpress.  I have gone from a daily journal, to love bound eccentricities and now to a better organized blog (as I would want to consider it) >> Dewdship Chronicles – All about love, travel, food and life!!!

As I would always consult the blogs of my 4 favorite bloggers everytime I  would go on a trip, I suddenly realized that, I do not write my blog as efficiently as they do.

How I do it:

  • edit and upload pictures
  • dump itinerary for the whole trip
  • enumerate the places we visited and if we have followed the itinerary
  • food we ate
  • some how to’s on some blogs (inconsistently mentioning travel time, what to expect and how to get there on posts)
  • all of these done in ONE post

what i’ve covered so far….

I have checked on my Lakbay score and so far, the picture above is showing my Philippine tour coverage. With this coverage, why do I only have 29 posts under Travel category in my blog?

Here is how I see their blogs:

  • Organized presentation, starting from the itinerary to completed adventure
  • Each place visited from each destination is posted (e.g. For Bohol Advnture -Panglao, Balicasag, Virgin Island, Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Encounter and Loboc River Cruise will have a post on its own.)
  • How To’s are always provided (How to get there, Where to dine, Where to stay, Who to contact, etc.)
  • Expenses
  • Pictures (with their names on the pic itself)

Now these are the things I promise to include on my next post. I think I may need to repost some and reorganize 🙂

Check your score here >>>> Lakbay Score




I am unable to do my fastbreak goals, measurements, exercises and sleep quota. I need these done everyday with all my heart.

How do I do that? Find my own motivation.

I remember conducting several trainings before which included: (a) how to keep everyone on the team motivated,  (b) how do we motivate our subordinates to perform better and (c) how to we ensure that we are able to sustain the motivation.

So, how do I do these for myself? Should I print a picture and post it on my wall? Should I become a painter and paint the bigger picture? Should I be my coach, my fan or my boss?

What am I? A can’t do will do person or a can do but won’t do person.

My answers : I will be my coach and I would stop being a can do but won’t do!

I need to remind myself everyday that:

  • This project is for me.
  • This is the only way I can live longer.
  • This is the only way I can get even.
  • Focus on the goals.


hoping to post a better ME pic in less than 3 months…

After a long battle whether to do it or not, I finally said yes today!

I woke up with a pounding head, ringing ear, hating light and screw me- screw you feeling today. I would always have these feelings after a night of partying and drinking but I didn’t even had a drink last night and I slept early.

Same routine for the day – eat breakfast, watch TV, wait for Jeeko, have lunch then check on FB.

Stumbling upon Home Sweat Home page,  I said to myself,  I could make this work.

this is the start of something new!

After searching online for Free Diet Trackers, I was able to pull up At first, I was hesitant to go through the application and membership process. I’ve had several attempts cancelled at the last part due to the need of credit card payment for membership, yeah payment after clicking on their link saying the it’s absolutely free. But this site is really free!

yup! ‘m 30 and i need to loose about 50 pounds in less than 6 months…

There were four steps to complete: (1) about you, (2) Preferences and Conditions, (3) Fast Break Goals and (4) Join Spark Teams. The site also offers measurement / weight tracking, challenge tracking, food intake counter, exercise and routine suggestions, inspirational stories and blogs on loosing weight.

other than getting a BMW in 3 years, i have these goals for the next 2 weeks….

So I selected filled in the boxes and selected my challenges.

Initial Info:

  • Current Weight                                                        : 220 Lbs
  • Target Weight                                                           : 170 lbs
  • Target Date                                                                : March 2013
  • Daily Exercise Mins. Target for the Week     : 180 minutes g
  • Daily Calories to Burn                                           : 770 calories
  • As much as I would want to post other stats, I’d keep it to myself first.. lol

trying so hard to control my intake then i see this… SCREWED 1st day!

How do I plan to do this??

I swear to:

  • Sleep at least 6 hours per day
  • Drink a lot of water
  • Do yoga 3x a week
  • Bike everyday
  • Control my food intake
  • For the next 2 week:  I will not drink soda, I will exercise at least 10 minutes a day and I would document it in blog at least 3 times a week.


Station 1 – Boracay, Aklan

Station 2 – Boracay, Aklan

Station 3 – Boracay, Aklan

Puka Beach – Boracay, Aklan

Fairways and Bluewater – Boracay, Aklan

Tinkgo Beach – Alcoy, Cebu

Sta. Fe Beach Club – Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island

Kota Park- Madredejos, Bantayan Island

Alona Beach – Paglao, Bohol

Sheridan Beach – Puerto Princesa

Mabini Beach – Mabini, Batangas

Lakawon Island – Cadiz, Negros Occidental

Hundred Islands – Alaminos, Pangasinan

White Beach – Puerto Galera, Mindoro


My sister and I decided to join her friends in visiting Kabankalan, Negros for the Sinulog Festival.  It will our 1st out of town joining a festival like this.

me and my sister with friends.. off to Kabankalan Sinulog…

We stayed at Gatoc’s residence for the trip. We 1st visited Fix n’ Mix bakery and stores, its was like a field trip for most of us. They allowed us to check on how they bake and pack the Kabankalan”s famous bread and pastries.

We were very excited to see what is in store for us. Since it was supposed to be a steet party, Mimay and I were asked to wear something comfortable and something we can throw away after.

the cast… Fun! Fun! Fun!

What to expect in Sinulog Festival:

  • Street Dancing
  • Alcohol (lots of alcohol drinking)
  • Walking
  • Meeting new friends
  • Black stuff on your face, black on your arms, black stuff on your clothes… (sometimes paint, sometimes coal, sometimes oil)

after joining the street party…

As what they say, the  dirtier you get the more you enjoy!