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Station 1 – Boracay, Aklan

Station 2 – Boracay, Aklan

Station 3 – Boracay, Aklan

Puka Beach – Boracay, Aklan

Fairways and Bluewater – Boracay, Aklan

Tinkgo Beach – Alcoy, Cebu

Sta. Fe Beach Club – Sta. Fe, Bantayan Island

Kota Park- Madredejos, Bantayan Island

Alona Beach – Paglao, Bohol

Sheridan Beach – Puerto Princesa

Mabini Beach – Mabini, Batangas

Lakawon Island – Cadiz, Negros Occidental

Hundred Islands – Alaminos, Pangasinan

White Beach – Puerto Galera, Mindoro


the group @ Ogtong Cave Entrance

Since the supports arrived in Cebu, we have been planning to go out of town and spend a weekend in Bantayan. Several dates had been confirmed but it was not until the final email was sent on their scheduled return to Manila and my resignation is finalized that we decided to push through with the trip.

We left Cebu City in two batches. The 1st batch left coming from La Guardia flats and the second batch left from Insular Building.

How did we get there:

  1. Riding a cab, we asked manong to take us to North Bound Bus Terminal. The terminal also caters passengers who opt to transport via shuttle or vans.
  2. We got in a bus going to Hagnaya.
  3. From Hagnaya Port, we traveled by boat to Sta. Fe Port, Bantayan Island.

Since batch is already in Bantayan, we are already aware that Sta. Fe Beach Club is offering free transfer from port to the resort via shuttle. We didn’t have to wait for the shuttle, it is already parked and waiting for passengers.

On our way to the resort, I was reacting and telling batch 2 that I am not sure if we are headed to the right resort. I told them that Sta. Fe Beach Club is no where near the port and it seems that we are headed to a resort just meters away from it.  We we taken to Sta. Fe Beach Club and yes, it is near the port and the resort that I was talking about is its sister resort that has a cave.

huts by the beach

This resort is way cheaper than the one I had in mind but good enough. We are allowed to use the facilities of the other resort too, for free. One more thing, we had a discount on rooms since batch 1 was able to meet the owners of the resort on their way to the island.

We rented two rooms for the night. Batch 1 went ahead and visited the market in the town proper for our food while batch 2, decided to rent a motorbike to get some snacks. So imagine Yosh driving the motorbike with Cherries as backride with 13 bowls of halo-halo, ice, drinks, puso, and roasted chicken. I guess, we didn’t plan to have it that way but since we are matatakaw, Yosh and Cherries did the right thing — talk about being proactive!

very relaxing place…

we thought we’d fit…

After settling and eating, we decided to visit the other resort. We have two options, wait for the shuttle or ride habal-habal. Cherries and I decided to ride with Yosh while the rest enjoyed the habal-habal ride. When we arrived in the resort, the owners greeted batch 1. We were introduce to them and to our surprise, the owners informed the staff the we are allowed to use the Honeymooner’s area and the newly renovated places in the resort. That is what we call – Ganda Card usage!

We went around the resort, goofing and taking pictures. We enjoyed the pool and the view.  Just before 7pm, we decided to back to the other resort and had dinner. We had a couple of bottles for the night and slept away.

si inday at si enteng.. lol

while waiting…

The following day, we were divided in two groups again. First is the island hopping group and the second group decided to just enjoy the beach and facilities the resort and  Ogtong Cave. Group 1 had they fair share of ocean moment, when Yosh fell into the sea while group 2 enjoyed our walk and pictorial.

Just in time for lunch, both groups are back in the resort. We had crabs and rice for lunch. Before we head off back to Cebu City, we gain took pictures and enjoyed coconut juice.

i’d be back soon…

Bantayan Island 2008 << please click this link to check out the slide show

Dear MC,

Please prioritize Team Gumby for VTO tomorrow.  They are scheduled for shuttle pick up by 7am.



I made sure that I have sent this email to MC before leaving work. I love joining my cluster’s team building and I will say that this is one of the best team buildings I’ve ever joined.

I have coordinated with MC to have the team logged out early to catch the 1st trip to Bantayan Island from Old Sagay. Since it’s the season for VTO, it was no sweat for the request to be approved. From shift, the team went off the floor and stayed at the lobby until everyone is ready to go. We rode the TP shuttle from Bacolod to Old Sagay port.

Initially, we planned to be on the 930am trip off the port. Unfortunately, we had to wait for the next trip leaving at 1030am. Since we were from shift most of us we hungry and tired. We have asked manong to look for a carinderia to grab a quick breakfast before boarding the boat.

Honestly, I was expecting  a bigger boat. I thought we were to board supercat or weesam, but to my surprise, it’s actually a big pump boat. I don’t know how they call it there but it’s smaller than the boats used from Batangas Port to Puerto Galera.

We spent about 2 – 3 hours travel by sea from Negros to Bantayan. We’ve passed several islands but my favorite is the Carbin Reef. It’s part of the Sagay’s marine reserve. It’s open to the public for day tour but everyone needs to leave before high tide! But I am not to talk about Carbin Reef just yet.

Going back to our Bantayan Trip…

It was already low tide when we reached Bantayan Port. I had a hard time getting off the boat because we had to cross a sheet pile. That was a big time challenge for me! We had our lunch at a resto near the public market while the transpo service is waiting for us.

From Bantayan, we rode a multicab (good for about 11 heads only) to Madridejos. We stayed at Rivera’s ancestral house. I forgot Uncle’s name (as we all call him uncle- not tito, not manong but uncle) but he was very accommodating to all of us.

Things that we did:

~~ Since it’s a team building, they had their open forum and team talk.

~~ Generoso and Iced Tea are the star of nights.

~~ We missed Marlboro coz BOSS is all we can find.

~~ COTA park walk, backyard swimming (yeah! the beach is just right there!!!) and Sta. Fe Beach Club visit (Ogtong Cave)

~~ Jo Panes was our cook (Damn! He cooks well.. Love the gravy man!)

~~ sikad – sikad or aninicad moment

~~ Lechon! Lechon! Lechon!

~~ Charades (David bringing out his best to describe Kama Sutra!! It’s always a classic if it’s from David)

We took a different route going back to Bacolod. We went for Ro-Ro this time. Travel time is longer 😦

We arrived at Cadiz Port just about before 3PM. We went for quick snack @ Jollibee Cadiz and went to buy danggits.

I am planning to visit Bantayan during Holy Week!! (They said you can only eat lechon during holy week!!)

(October 2008)