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I remember planning for this trip last April with my titas and mamamia. We were having our brunch when all of a sudden, I opened the laptop and checked for seat sales. A month later, tita Ela, Balong and Jimela flew to Manila and we are set for our Footloose Adventure for 2012. We’ve had several arguments whether to go for MNL- TAG- CEB-MNL or MNL-CEB-TAG-MNL and decided to go for the later. We took the 1st trip out of Manila to Cebu to maximize our time.

After about an hour and a half, we landed in Cebu. We waited for the transpo service we contacted to take us to the pension house near Osmena Circle. To our surprise, the agent my brother contacted failed to reserve rooms for us. It would be just fine to get a new room if we weren’t talking about 14 pax. So I decided to cross the street and inquire for a barkadahan room availability. They offered a room that has 2 T&B which could accommodate all of us. Due to time constraint, we said yes and left our bags and set off to our Cebu tour.

We had a twin city tour of Cebu. Visiting churches and other famous tourist spots. I insisted to have our lunch at Manna SutuKil. After lunch we headed back to the pension house and rested for the afternoon. After dinner, we went for a walk and decided to have a massage.

We woke up early the following day and made sure we make it to the port for the 1st trip to Bohol. We first set of to Panglao Island to check-in at Alona Studios then started our Country Side Tour.

My cousins really enjoyed the view, however, they felt really tired before we even had our lunch.  Our driver made sure that we are on time for the lunch cruise at Loboc River. Aside from being tired, we surely were hungry too.

We stayed at Alona Studios for the rest of trip. I chose the place since we were looking for a quite yet accessible place. Well, many may say it’s not a beachfront accommodation and it’s about 5 minutes walk to the beach but we preferred to stay there. We loved the pool and the seclusion of the place.

The beach wasn’t that good during our visit due to the recent typhoon but as expected, it didn’t stop us from having fun!


Posing… the complete cast…

listening to the chismisan…

kiddos @ heart in Sagbayan Peak

@ Sagbayan Peak Pavillon

@ Sagbayan Peak

@ Loboc River

@blood compact site

@ Baclayon Church

@Baclayon Church

Early Morning Beach Bumming

beach bumming will never be complete without a shot like this,,,,

View from Breakfast Table…

La Guardia Peeps enjoying the beach

Bohol 2011 <<<< click on this link to check out the slideshow…

From work, I had to meet up with Mama, Jeeko and Junex to grab my stuff and head off to the airport…

Summer Kickoff Day 1// Itinerary for the day:

Check in = Alona Studios, Panglao
Off to Bohol Country Side Trip

~ Blood Compact Site

~ Baclayon Church

~ Tarsier Moment

~ Loboc River Lunch

~ Chocolate hills

~ Butterfly Garden

~ Bilar Manmade Forest

~ Hanging Bridge

From Alona Studios, we went to the beachfront at around 545AM. It was still a bit dark to start a sea trip but we had to leave early to catch the dolphins (well not really catch em’ but to see them). So, from the beach we set off to the open sea and waited.. and waited.. and waited… until, kaboom! About 100 dolphins swimming and putting up a good show with their twist, full twist and double turns!!! hehehe..

Summer Kickoff Day 2// Itinerary for the day:

~~~ Alona, Panglao Beach

~~~ Dolphin Watching

~~~ Balicasag Island (Snorkling and Food Trip)

~~~ Virgin Island (a lot of walking, jumping, swimming and star fish catching)

~~~ Alona Studios Pool Bumming and rest time

~~~ Dinner and walk @ the beach

(Do not ask how much was spent.. you don’t wanna compute!! hehehe )

On our 3rd day, we had to check out early as our flight was moved 25 minutes than it original schedule.

TripAdvisor™ TripWow ★ 2011 Summer Kick Off_ Day 1 (Part1) Slideshow ★ to Bohol, Panglao and Manila by Dutz Dacanay. Stunning free travel slideshows on TripAdvisor (March 2011) via 2011 Summer Kick Off_ Day 1 (Part1) Slideshow.