KABANKALAN – Sinulog 2008

Posted: July 9, 2012 in Photos, Travel, Visayas
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My sister and I decided to join her friends in visiting Kabankalan, Negros for the Sinulog Festival.  It will our 1st out of town joining a festival like this.

me and my sister with friends.. off to Kabankalan Sinulog…

We stayed at Gatoc’s residence for the trip. We 1st visited Fix n’ Mix bakery and stores, its was like a field trip for most of us. They allowed us to check on how they bake and pack the Kabankalan”s famous bread and pastries.

We were very excited to see what is in store for us. Since it was supposed to be a steet party, Mimay and I were asked to wear something comfortable and something we can throw away after.

the cast… Fun! Fun! Fun!

What to expect in Sinulog Festival:

  • Street Dancing
  • Alcohol (lots of alcohol drinking)
  • Walking
  • Meeting new friends
  • Black stuff on your face, black on your arms, black stuff on your clothes… (sometimes paint, sometimes coal, sometimes oil)

after joining the street party…

As what they say, the  dirtier you get the more you enjoy!


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