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For our whole trip in Davao, I can say that we did not spend a lot of time looking for the best restaurants and eat. We agreed to be very careful on splurging on food.

Our 1st day is almost over and we haven’t had lunch. From the airport, we went directly to McDonald’s to grab breakfast and then went to the house we rented for our stay to leave our things. We visited two tourists’ spots and heeded Manong Driver’s advise of not getting the buffet package at Eden Nature Park because he konws where to take us for lunch.

The misadventures begin!

At around 11:45am, we were done touring the resort. We took advantage of the platted snack package then left the resort. While on the road, they were not interested in seeing the Malagos Garden so the driver took us directly to PEC. Well, not directly, we got lost. We have already passed PEC and have been driving for about 30 minutes when manong driver realized.  We drove back to PEC and our hopes were high that we can finally have our lunch. Yes. We DID not have lunch. We walked around the park a bit but left right away. We did not anticipate mosquitoes and insects attack. We hurriedly went out of the water district only to find out that our driver just left. We waited for 30 minutes and at last he showed up. We found out that he went out to get some durian. Since it’s a pajero we are using, imagine the smell we had to bear while aboard going back to the down town.

We were very precise on the hours we traveled going up to Eden Nature Park, it’s not more than 2 hours. We are now awake after some minutes of sleep and we are still on the road. Why is it taking us so long to go back to downtown? We are now running 1.5 hours from PEC. Tito Wally asked the driver the million dollar question, “Pre, saan tayo kakain?”. Kaboom! To our surprise, his suggestions were — ERRRR?! Carenderia where we can see a lot of habal- habal ang jeepneys parked. We asked him if he know of a restaurant where we can eat instead. He said he is not familiar with restaurants but maybe we can find one in Davao City. We all agreed to just continue going and eat in Davao City. From PEC to Davao City, it took us 2.5 hours drive. I don’t know how it happened but It’s definitely not pleasant.

We finally got to park at Victoria Plaza Mall. We were so excited seeing the restaurants around. To our surprise, they were actually closed but there was one restaurant open — Ahfat’s seafood plaza. Since we didn’t have any choice, we walked in and checked on the menu.

We were not disappointed this time. The restaurant’s service was really fast and the staffs are very accommodating to guests. The food were also delicious and they would even give suggestions to guests who are confused on what size to order. I remember trying to order 2 medium sized rice platter then the waiter told me – get 1 large instead, it’s cheaper and that would just be enough for your group. Yes it was!

So were done with lunch. We hurriedly grabbed some stocks in the grocery for our Day 2 adventure in Samal. While doing it, Mamamia and Tita Julie were texting some of their friends to meet up for dinner. Mamamia was texting Sham and Tita Julie texting Marion. Both of them agreed to meet us for dinner, the question is where. I asked Manong Driver if Jack’s Ridge is near our place. He said yes and that place is nice. So we got a place for dinner!

Marion picked us up at around 7pm while Sham waited for us at Jack’s Ridge. Oh yes! Our place is just near, imagine driving to Jack’s Ridge for 40 minutes without traffic. I am not sure if Manong driver is sober the whole Day 1 trip.

Since we had a late lunch, we told Marion that we would just eat light. When we were served with beers, I thought we are good but when the next plates came in, I said, we were in big trouble. They ordered a lot!

The place is really cozy and they serve good food! We were not able to finish the orders and had them wrapped. Before heading hoe, we went around Davao City and grabbed some fruits for Day 2 adventure.

Off to Samal we were on Day 2 and as soon as we were back in Davao, we were again in line for a food misadventure. I had to access the internet while on barge to check on a restarurant or panciteria or a batchoy house. I’ve enumerated the list I found in the net and we agreed to visit Gorio’s Panciteria because of lugao and crab omelete. I asked manong  to drive towards San Pedro Hospital and we should find the panciteria around the corner.

Something caught our attention – El Goto de Obrero, ang pinakamasarap sa Davao!

We were already driving along Obrero when we saw the tarp, so we decided to park and eat there. There were a lot of parked cars and a lot of people seated. Hmmm, looks like we are in the right place. Before we reached the tables, the guests stood up and left. So we sat and watch as the servers clean up the table and remove the plates with unfinished foods while we check on their menu. They have set meals for batchoy and lugao. Three of ordered lugao and three of usordered batchoy. We even ordered three extra eggs and 3 extra siomai.

This place is NOT what i says to be. We had to follow up on the extra only to be informed that they just had it cooked. The worst part is, we had to argue with the cashier as she is asking us to pay for the extra siomai that we ordered and sent back to the kitchen. The served us spoiled/ rotten siomai!!! We asked the cashier to eat it and if she can, we’d pay double. She smelled the siomai and said – Ay sobrang kabaho. Hindi na lan pabayaran.

No wonder why the plates were not empty when they cleaned up the table. We should have stood up and transferred instead of staying and trying the food.

We picked up some goods along our way home. Just to be sure we won’t get hungry in the middle of the night.

Come day 3, it’s time to again meet up with Marion for some shopping. He drove us around Davao City and stopped by some tourists’ spots along the way. Then lunch time came.

We ordered seafoods of course and seated in the dining area. We were asking them if they would want to seat by the beach but they all agreed to just seat inside. We were driving around in two cars this time. We still have Manong Driver with us. So while waiting for the food, we asked him if he knew the place and he answered yes. All eyes rolled. I remember handing a paper to him with the list of the places we wanted to visit and where we would like to dine. It was our first time in Davao and we only familiarized ourselves via research.  Good thing the food was great! It sufficed the anger of the collegialias that I am with ( FYI – I am traveling with my mom and her highschool friends).

We strolled for a while and stopped by a souvenir shop then went to —- Gaisano for pizza before grabbing our stuff at Deca Homes and finally to the airport.


@our favorite manokan resto — Aida’s

Finally! After 5 years, Mimay is now graduating. I can still remember the reason why she transferred to Bacolod with me in 2007. This trip is not like he other trips that we had in Bacolod. This one is kinda relaxed and focused on the graduation instead.

what we had @ Bob’s Courtyard…

Our flight to Bacolod was delayed. Instead of arriving at 8pm, we arrived at around 10:30pm. From Bacolod – Silay Airport, we directly went to Courtyard where Mimay and her friends are waiting for us. Just in time for an event for Bogsbrew, we had dinner while he band was playing and of course we got ourselves a couple of bottles of beer.

Malling and foodtrip

The following day, we took Jeeko for a city familiarization tour (lol). We went to Robinsons and SM to get some stuff and fill in our stomachs at Aida’s in  Manokan Country. I didn’t let Jeeko miss the tasting of my favorite Cab gelato.

quick food @ diners’ hub… in fairness!!

We were staying at Xaver’s Apartment and since we don’t have time to cook, we often eat out and Diners’ Hub is our easiest food source. Jermaine arrive in Bacolod on our second day and this is when he also gave Mimay her graduation gift, an Iphone4S.

pichoor.. pichoor…

We would be attending both  baccalaureate and graduation rites of Mimay.

iphone pics

pichoors with mimay…

We had our dinner at Bar21 and dessert at Calea.

1st batch of food… lol

graduation dinner @Bar 21

After resting, we went to Guimaras for our family celebration. Please check this blog for our Guimaras Adventure.

watching kuya while he is making our pizza…

Before heading back to Manila, we dropped by Greeno’s Pizza for lunch.

Greeno’s big sized pizza


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guimaras strait….

After our last visit to Bacolod, we have decided that we will be visiting Guimaras Island after Mimay’s graduation.

We were up early. All of our things are prepared and everyone is excited. We made sure that we will be able to join the first trip from Bacolod to Iloilo. From Bacolod, it took us about an hour and forty five minutes to reach Iloilo. From the drop off point (super ferry), we took a cab to Ortiz port. We could have rented a tricycle or trike to but we chose to rent an avanza since it will be cheaper if calculated per head and it will be comfortable for us.

the multicab that we rented…

Jordan Wharf (Guimaras Island) is 15 minutes away from Ortiz Port. Boat fare is Php15.00 and wait time for boat departure is less than 10 minutes as many tourists and locals are continuously traveling back and forth.

discipline people… if it’s a NO then it should be taken as NO!

The wharf is currently under renovation but their strict rule of no mango / seedling to enter the island is still implemented.

a lot of mangoes taken home…

­­­Public transportations are available for tourists, jeepneys,  multicabs  and tricycles are all parked ans ready by the wharf. Since we are a group, we decided to rent a multicab going to Raymen Beach Resort for Php450.00. Again, it is cheaper if we compute the fare per head and we would be comfortable as well.  Tricycle rent is about the same price and with all the stuff we have, renting is our choice of transpo. From the wharf, the resort is about 45 minutes drive (with no traffic).

hahahaha… look at jeeko!

On our way to the resort, we stopped by the public market for our food. Since we are staying overnight, we wanted to make sure we have quick munchies avaibale. We also decided to get our pasalubongs as early as day 1 because we need to catch and early trip the following morning.  We were also looking for mango catsup and shrimp paste.

what we had for lunch… we forgot to take pics of the others…

my favorite….

Since we arrived early, we first stayed in a cabana prior to transferring our stuff inside our room. I had to cook for lunch and since Mimay is on fasting we ordered sinigang in Raymen’s Resto.  The resort also offers Guimaras land trip and Island hoping.

yes i am ready to swim!

pump boats by the sea.. waiting for passengers?

cliff diving attempt fail…

It was more of a Jeeko’s celebration. I had to take Jeeko’s and Jermaine’s picture while everyone else is resting by the cabana. We really enjoyed the sand and water. Mamamia and Papapicolino joined us after resting too.

i had to take this… no matter what!

bonding time…

bench body?

There were some food left from lunch and I have cooked liempo by 5pm. We thought of ordering rice instead of cooking it for dinner. We have also placed our orders for breakfast since we are leaving the place early to catch our 9am trip from Iloilo back to Bacolod.

look into our eyes…

say what now?!

We also asked for manong’s number to confirm our pickup by 6am.

Bacolod 2011 – Familia Adik on the Loose <<< Click on the link to check slideshow

Family @ Aida's Manokan

my favorite inasal.. Aida’s Manokan…

Finally! After rebooking my flight four times, I was able to set off to the City of Smiles. Initially, this was planned to be a 7 – day family escapade but due to changes of schedule and my transfer to Cebu, some of my brothers were not able to join and I had to do several rebookings.

My family arrived in Bacolod 2 days ahead of me. Boarding a Cebu – Bacolod flight, I arrived on November 10, 2011. It was and early morning flight and I remember dropping by the office before I left. I was able to catch a cab in front of Ayala Center Cebu and as soon as I arrived at airport, I was already looking for food. Believe it or not, the only store open is Dunkin’ Donuts. While waiting for my flight, I had my usual ham and cheese bunwich and water.

Since Mimay transferred apartment, I was nor sure whether to meet up with them or go straight to her place. From Bacolod- Silay airport, i opted to ride a shuttle and be dropped at Robinson’s place instead of getting a cab. Shuttle service is only Php150.00 from Airport to Bacolod compared to Php500.00 for a cab. From Robinsons’ I decided to take the cab since I am not sure of what public transportation to take to get to Villamonte.

Finally, I saw my papa waiting for me at the gate of Xaver’s Apartment. Breakfast is served and we are off to our exploration.

DAY 1 : We first head off to Robinsons’ place. We went around for a while and looked into antique furnitures. I also looked for fiorgelatto and I was disappointed to learn that the store no longer exists. We also had our arcade time before lunch. As expected, I told them that I want to eat inasal for lunch. We head off to Manokan Country and dined at Aida’s Manukan. Atlast, after almost two years I was able to taste the best inasal! I ordered batokolon (gizzards) and paa (legs). After lunch, we went to SM City Bacolod, just a few meters away from Manokan Country and did our grocery for our day 2 get away.

Mamamia and Sophia

after lunch @ Aida’s

DAY 2: We agreed to have an overnight stay at Mambukal Mountain Resort and leave early on Day 2. From Villamonte we took a cab to Libertad, where we rode a bus going to Murcia – Mambukal. You won’t be lost via public transportation since Mambukal Resort is the last stop. On a private vehicle, it may only take you 45 minutes to get to Mambukal but since it’s a public transpo, spare about an hour and a half or two (depending on the number of pick ups and stops the bus may have). After paying our entrance fee and selecting our cabin for our overnight, we stayed by the swimming pool cottage until check -in time (2PM). The cabin we chose is good for 6 pax at Php1800. After securing our things, we had a stroll and took pictures. We visited the dipping pool (but did not dipped.. hehehe), hot sulfur, wall climbing and slide for life areas, lake, butterfly garden and bath houses. Mimay arrived just before dinner.

Mambukal Entrance

yes! we are in…

@ Mambukal

where we are staying for night… just in front of the big pool…

Hot Sulfur it is

it’s not pure sulfur… don’t worry…

Mambukal Cabins

pick your choice…

DAY 3: We were up very early on our 2nd day in Mambukal. Being the kitchen master, I prepared breakfast while my sister Janers kept on taking pictures of Mamamia and Papapicolino. After breakfast, we had a walk and finally dipped in the dipping pool. For Php 50.00, we were able to enjoy the hot and therapeutic ala – spa sulfur pool. We headed for more walk and picture taking. The bats didn’t fail us as we’ve seen them flying around like birds do. We had a quick lunch and headed back to Bacolod. I met with some friends at Kuppa and of course indulged in my ever favorite Wimpy Burger. Mimay took us to Pope John Paul II Tower in reclamation area. It’s a 6 floor building near SM City Bacolod which was built to stand as memorial of Pope John Paul II’s visit to Bacolod in 1981. There are a lot of pictures and memorabila of PJPII. From downtown Bacolod, we decided to have dinner at Cookies and Crumbs. This is just in front of the Government Center which we wanted to visit before we end the day.

Family Pic @ Mambukal

ready for our morning walk…

Bats @ Mambukal

we thought they were birds.. yep! they are bats!!!

Family @ PJPII Tower

just before we climb the stairs…

Pope John Paul II Tower

Pope John Paul II Tower @ Reclamation Area…

Government Center

Government Center at night

DAY 4: My last day it is. We started the day with a visit to Carmelites Monastery. I was hoping to get some chips (caramel flavored hosts) but it was not available. After praying and feeling inner peace, we headed off for lunch to Greeno’s Pizzaria at 6th Street. If i remembered correctly, it is also the day of Pacquiao Vs. Marquez bout. We ordered the larges pizza they offer, 3 towers of iced tea and enjoy. We headed back to the apartment after, had some rest and headed back to Cebu.

family @ carmelite monastery

before lunch….

Janers and Sophia @Greeno's Pizzaria

it’s really big!

The 4- day vacation I had is just what I needed to a week long client visit back in Cebu.

I really love Bacolod, as a matter of fact, we are again booked to visit the city of smiles in March 2012.

It's more fun in the Philippines!

with @ Hundred Islands

For me and my cousins, 2012 summer is at its peak and we have to enjoy the scorching heat of the sun! We wanted to enjoy our summer and at the same time add a place to my LIBOT PILIPINAS map. So we decided to join a group trip to Pangasinan.

We first explored Bolinao and then set off to Alaminos to visit the Hundred Islands. As expected, we had the usual island hopping and picture taking. Manong would stop by an island and give us trivia about the island and he is very much willing to answer random questions about Alaminos too.

Since it’s about lunch time the other boatman signaledmanong to dock to Quezon Island (the island where most tourists stay for lunch).

It’s around 11:30 am and the weather is not disappointing us! It was so hot and i would kill for a glass of cold water.The boatman told me that I can get cold buko juice in the island for only Php20.00. Considering the location, I would agree that it’s cheap.

Buko de Ap

i could kill for a glass…

All of a sudden my sister Mimay screamed and pointed to the island saying — “Oh My God! Si yun diba?!”. Everyone looked and zoomed in our lenses and saw people lined up buying Buko Juice. Buying buko juice from Apl. de. ap. then posing for a picture.

serving the juice

serving the juice

WOW! Twenty pesos for a glass of ice cold buko juice in the middle of 123 islands surrounded by the water of South China Sea, served by with picture taking? That is way cheap!!!

the stand

the juice stand…

As soon as we are off the boat, we went straight to the juice stand and laughed. We are now part of the long line waiting to order and claim our juice from Kuya (an look – a- like).

Apl. de. ap


Buko Juice Price:

  • Small – Php 20.00
  • Large – Php 40.00

Now that is effortless marketing!

Imagine all of these people lining up on Buko de Ap juice stall to get themselves ice cold buko juice and pictures taken with the owner doing nothing to advertise. What he did is to capitalize on his look and use it to attract tourists. Who else can think of that if not a Filipino?

more fun!!

more fun in the Philippines!

Hats off to Kuya. He tells the tourists to take pictures with him with the Hundred Islands signage seen in the backgound.

Group Pic!

He asked for a wacky shot… lol

Innovation, Business, Marketing Strategy and a lot more are FUN in the Philippines!