Marketing Strategy, more fun in the Philippines!

Posted: April 27, 2012 in Food, Luzon, Photos, Travel
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It's more fun in the Philippines!

with @ Hundred Islands

For me and my cousins, 2012 summer is at its peak and we have to enjoy the scorching heat of the sun! We wanted to enjoy our summer and at the same time add a place to my LIBOT PILIPINAS map. So we decided to join a group trip to Pangasinan.

We first explored Bolinao and then set off to Alaminos to visit the Hundred Islands. As expected, we had the usual island hopping and picture taking. Manong would stop by an island and give us trivia about the island and he is very much willing to answer random questions about Alaminos too.

Since it’s about lunch time the other boatman signaledmanong to dock to Quezon Island (the island where most tourists stay for lunch).

It’s around 11:30 am and the weather is not disappointing us! It was so hot and i would kill for a glass of cold water.The boatman told me that I can get cold buko juice in the island for only Php20.00. Considering the location, I would agree that it’s cheap.

Buko de Ap

i could kill for a glass…

All of a sudden my sister Mimay screamed and pointed to the island saying — “Oh My God! Si yun diba?!”. Everyone looked and zoomed in our lenses and saw people lined up buying Buko Juice. Buying buko juice from Apl. de. ap. then posing for a picture.

serving the juice

serving the juice

WOW! Twenty pesos for a glass of ice cold buko juice in the middle of 123 islands surrounded by the water of South China Sea, served by with picture taking? That is way cheap!!!

the stand

the juice stand…

As soon as we are off the boat, we went straight to the juice stand and laughed. We are now part of the long line waiting to order and claim our juice from Kuya (an look – a- like).

Apl. de. ap


Buko Juice Price:

  • Small – Php 20.00
  • Large – Php 40.00

Now that is effortless marketing!

Imagine all of these people lining up on Buko de Ap juice stall to get themselves ice cold buko juice and pictures taken with the owner doing nothing to advertise. What he did is to capitalize on his look and use it to attract tourists. Who else can think of that if not a Filipino?

more fun!!

more fun in the Philippines!

Hats off to Kuya. He tells the tourists to take pictures with him with the Hundred Islands signage seen in the backgound.

Group Pic!

He asked for a wacky shot… lol

Innovation, Business, Marketing Strategy and a lot more are FUN in the Philippines!


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