Davao Lagaw – Hagimit Falls (Samal Island)

Posted: August 28, 2012 in Mindanao, Photos, Travel
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Our second day in Davao was dedicated for swimming. We only have 2 places in mind, Hagimit Falls and the beach. There were also a lot of suggestions that we received from friends but we decided to just visit two places. This vacation was not my usual, visit all the places and take as many pictures as possible, it’s  more of let’s go and then rest after vacation.

We took our service car with us in Samal. Surprisingly, we only paid around Php300.00 for 6 passengers and van. Travel time is lass then 30 minutes and you can be rest assured that you will not wait for too long if your are in a hurry to visit Samal and go back to Davao. Trips are sent off almost every 30 minutes.

Our first stop for the day, Hagimit Falls. Manong driver decided to take us to the falls early in the morning. We had to pay a cheap dust of Php40 per head and parking fee before entering the resort. We thought that there would be hiking and trekking but thanks God, they have a concrete pathway/ stairs which leads tourist to all the resorts.

Do not expect a high waterfalls view in Hagmit Falls. This resort is a composed of several tiers of mini waterfalls and streams. Most of the resort owners have developed the resort to ensure the safety of their guests and swimmers.

We decided to stay at Mahal’s Resort. Here, we spent our time swimming and eating. We were also able to meet Dra. Mahal, the owner of the resort. We decided to use the exit of Mahal’s Resort instead of going back to the 1st trail. It is a bit steep compared to the entrance but shorter.

We left Hagimit Falls after lunch and went off to spend the rest of our time at the beach.

  1. abuenaobra says:

    To travel and write about the places you have been are blessings! I want to do this too someday.

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