Davao Lagaw – Eden Nature Park & Resort

Posted: August 18, 2012 in Mindanao, Photos, Travel
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When we were on board the car we rented for our Davao trip, I thought that the driver is already aware of the possible tour itineraries of Davao. To our surprise, he isn’t. So I suggested my planned itinerary to him and he said OK. (Do not think that tour drivers in Davao are like him. We were later informed that he is not a tour driver but a friend of the owner of the house and car we rented.)

First destination for our Day 1 tour – Eden Natures Park.

Eden Natures Park is developed by the owner in the late 90’s and was opened to the public as a mountain resort and  adventure park. It is about 40 km south of the city proper, approximately 2 hours drive from the airport.

How to get there:

  • Public Transportation – From city proper, ride a public utility jeepney going to Toril. Drop off point is at Mercury Drug Store – Toril. From there, hail for a motorcycle (single motorcycles) and ask the driver to take you to Eden Nature Park and Resort. Fee is at Php80 per head.
  • Taxi – Most tourists are also taking taxis for Davao City Tour. For a whole day trip which include visit to Eden Nature Park & Resort will cost you Php2,000.00. If you decide to visit the resort straight from the airport, you can take a cab for Php1,000.00. This does not ensure you that other tourists spots will be visited. Make sure to clear the rental charges and coverage of the trip.
  • Driving – Follow the main highway from Davao City going south. Drive until you reach Toril proper. Turn right on the Mercury Drug Crossing and drive straight (about 20 km) until you reach the fork road. Take the left road which is going to Barangay Eden. Go straight until you reach the resort’s entrance.

We took advantage of Day Tour Package – Snack option and the guided shuttle tour within the park. I was thinking of having a simple photo walk but learning about the size of the park, I convinced everyone to have the guided tour instead. We opted to have the plated snack because of what manong driver told us. He said that we can have our lunch on our way back. Looking into the menu, I realized that Mamamia will not enjoy the food since it’s mostly vegetables.

Eden Nature Park offers jampacked:


  • Skyrider – 200m long zip line while enjoing the view of Davao City and Davao Gulf
  • Mountain Trail  – 4 km trekking around  Eden’s Forest. Main pit stops are the same with the guided tour except that guests will be doing it on their own risk.
  • Indiana Jones – rope ride for the kids
  • Playgrounds – Outdoor fun facilities are available for the children and young a heart. (obstacle course, larong pinoy, swimg)
  • Campsites

Nature Trip –  Enjoy your tour by seeing various flora and faun. The park in stores  lot of animals living in the natural environment  which guests may encounter while touring. Their gardens are also astonishing, from flowers to herbs to vegetables to  fruit bearing trees.

Culture – A cultural park/ outdoor museum is also available in the resort. The Tinubdan (as what the park is called) showcases the culture of Lumad. The culture of  the indigenous people of Southern Philippines.

Food Trip– Enjoy their serving of freshly picked vegetables and fruits from their own garden. Buffet style and plated orders are available to guests depending on the package taken advantage. They also have a fishing village wherein guests can have their catch cooked the way they want.


Guests can definitely lay back while in the resort. Aside from the tour around the resort, swimming pool and horseback riding are the other activities to be enjoyed. Cabins are available for overnight use. Accommodation can range from campers, backpackers to family and large groups.

Eden Nature Park is also a good venue for garden weddings, receptions, photo ops and team buildings.

Up next, our adventure and misadventures enroute to Philippine Eagle Center and late lunch.

For more information : Eden Nature Park & Resort

  1. Sheena Bree says:

    Dito ginanap yung Garden Wedding ng kaibigan ko. Ang ganda. Wala akong masabi

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