Travel Blogs — how I should have done it

Posted: July 25, 2012 in Travel
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snapshots of my trips… some pics are not yet included…

I started blogging in 2006. I’ve transferred from one blog site to another, from blogspot to friendster and finally to wordpress.  I have gone from a daily journal, to love bound eccentricities and now to a better organized blog (as I would want to consider it) >> Dewdship Chronicles – All about love, travel, food and life!!!

As I would always consult the blogs of my 4 favorite bloggers everytime I  would go on a trip, I suddenly realized that, I do not write my blog as efficiently as they do.

How I do it:

  • edit and upload pictures
  • dump itinerary for the whole trip
  • enumerate the places we visited and if we have followed the itinerary
  • food we ate
  • some how to’s on some blogs (inconsistently mentioning travel time, what to expect and how to get there on posts)
  • all of these done in ONE post

what i’ve covered so far….

I have checked on my Lakbay score and so far, the picture above is showing my Philippine tour coverage. With this coverage, why do I only have 29 posts under Travel category in my blog?

Here is how I see their blogs:

  • Organized presentation, starting from the itinerary to completed adventure
  • Each place visited from each destination is posted (e.g. For Bohol Advnture -Panglao, Balicasag, Virgin Island, Chocolate Hills, Tarsier Encounter and Loboc River Cruise will have a post on its own.)
  • How To’s are always provided (How to get there, Where to dine, Where to stay, Who to contact, etc.)
  • Expenses
  • Pictures (with their names on the pic itself)

Now these are the things I promise to include on my next post. I think I may need to repost some and reorganize 🙂

Check your score here >>>> Lakbay Score


  1. Anonymous says:

    exceptional pictures dutz..awesome shots..

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