Finding Motivation…

Posted: July 19, 2012 in Diet Plan
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I am unable to do my fastbreak goals, measurements, exercises and sleep quota. I need these done everyday with all my heart.

How do I do that? Find my own motivation.

I remember conducting several trainings before which included: (a) how to keep everyone on the team motivated,  (b) how do we motivate our subordinates to perform better and (c) how to we ensure that we are able to sustain the motivation.

So, how do I do these for myself? Should I print a picture and post it on my wall? Should I become a painter and paint the bigger picture? Should I be my coach, my fan or my boss?

What am I? A can’t do will do person or a can do but won’t do person.

My answers : I will be my coach and I would stop being a can do but won’t do!

I need to remind myself everyday that:

  • This project is for me.
  • This is the only way I can live longer.
  • This is the only way I can get even.
  • Focus on the goals.


  1. friendlytm says:

    Keep up your good work and motivation! You will be able to accomplish your goals! Good luck! I have started another blog named healthy living but it is still under development.

  2. Dutz says:

    thanks… i wish i could reach my target soon…

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