Boracay 2011

Posted: June 22, 2012 in Photos, Travel, Visayas
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after having our shakes….

Everytime that we are having our staff meeting, it would end up on an out of town experiences sharing. Our boss had been planning to take his wife for a vacation in Boracay for the longest time. I did not realize that it would come to my surprise that we are already booked for a vacation in May 2011. The initial plan is to have Boss Ion, Lala, Sean, Dj, Me and James to join the vacation. I made a call to Anna asking her if she wanted to join us. She said yes but just a week before our scheduled flight, James backed out.

since we were sooooo thirsty… we got what they reccomended..

The TP peeps are together in a Seair flight to Boracay while Anna is on a different flight. When we arrived in Boracay, it was raining hard. We were not able to enjoy the beach right away. Since Boss Ion and Lala are checking in on a different resort, I joined DJ and her hubby in Royal Park (Station 1). I reserved a room for one night since I would be transferring to Fairways the next day. We met with Lala and Boss Ion in D’Mall to grab some food. We would have stayed and ordered for paella but we are so hungry that we decided to transfer resto and fill out stomach with food.

We headed back to our hotels and rested for the night. I am not sure about their itinerary but I just stayed, rested and waited for Anna.

Station 1 – Boracay, Aklan

The following day,  Anna and I were up early. We started walking towards station 3 and enjoyed the view. We stopped in Deco’s Batchoy for a quick breakfast and started walking again. We are currently looking for a station 3 resort where she could spend her last 3 days in Boracay after I leave.


Just before we reached the end of the beach, DJ called and told me that they are waiting for us in Two Seasons. We hurried back and joined them. We had some shakes and pictures taken. Just before lunch, we have agreed on what our itinerary would be. After lunch, we would meet and have an ATV ride then I would take them to Fairways for a swim and we part ways for dinner.

get off… i’ll drive!

whatever is it that they are looking at…

Anna and I transferred hotel after our bonding time with the group in Two Seasons. We arrived in Fairways and Bluewater and waited for our room. Since they are still preparing the room (considering it’s already passed 2:00pm), we just stayed by the beach and enjoyed the infinity pool. We left our things in the common areas and headed out of the resort to join DJ and Boss Ion for an ATV ride. At first, I asked Anna to drive because I am not in the mood. After several minutes, i asked her to step aside and I would drive for us. I felt I needed to do it since the group is already out of the garage. Being me, we were able to cathc up with them. So we had several stops, mini zoo and sight seeing. From the ATV shoppe, we asked the shuttle to take us to fairways for swimming.

picture… hehehe

Anna and I stayed at Fairways overnight. After they left, we stayed for a couple of hours in the pool and had dinner. The following morning, we are up early and had a breakfast buffet, spent sometime on the beach and pool before checking out.

i was looking for the chair… where is it piolo??

We are scheduled for Island Hopping. So we met with DJ and the group at Royal Park. We headed off for snorkeling and lunch at Puka Beach.

Station 2 – Boracay, Aklan

after island hopping… lunch and some shopping….

After the activities scheduled for the day, Anna and I took our stuff to Alice in Wonderland Resort located at station 3. We rested for a while and started to walk. I am unable to enjoy my last night in Boracay though because of upset stomach but I still joined Anna for the night. I remember looking for lugaw!

Station 3 – Boracay, Aklan

So it’s my last day. We head off to the beach and had some crepes for breakfast. I had to leave before 10AM.

kaching!!! lol…


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