Mabini, Batangas

Posted: May 23, 2012 in Luzon, Photos, Travel
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panikis enjoying the rain…

My friends were at Sumilang Court for an event that James organized. I followed before 10:00 pm for an exena. We had our ever favorite redhorse beer and some isaw. James and Mar had to drop by Odeng’s place for her farewell party and so we had to stay longer.

We were planning for an out of town when Mar arrived. He was in hurry to leave because he needs to be at Pateros before 3am for a Batangas trip. Next thing we know, we are checking on our watches and setting to meet up within 30 minutes at Ado’s Panciteria for the trip.

gaylord, mar, me and jome by the beach…

We joined Mar’s and Abog’s friends on the trip. I would say it was more of a high school type of out of town. Everyone is excited and was not sure of what to do but as per Mar’s command, just enjoy and do not do anything.

on our way to the cave…

The 3am call time, of course considering the cast, was moved to 5am. We left Pateros at around 5:15am  and reached Anilao at around 7:00am. We thought that the driver knows where to go. When he parked on the resort, I was hesitant to go down. He confirmed that we are staying in that resort and because of that, I went down and asked my friends to check on the resort and if there are other resorts we can check in. I have asked them to check on Aguila Resort, I know it is not an A++ resort but that would do compared to the public resort manong wanted us to be in. If it’s jsut me, Jome, Mar, Gaylord and Abog, we could have said yes to Aguila’s pricing but since we have other acquaintances , we had to reconsider.

shall we start? walk galore!

We ended driving through slopes and heading to Mabini, Batangas. They decided to just check in on the last resort they were in. Upon arrival, we were not able to check in right away since the place is reserved until after lunch. We stayed in Mac-Mac’s place, has lunch and played cards. At around 1:00pm, we were on our way to the resort and ready to enjoy the beach.

another challenge completed…

The resort is not the usual resort you’d find me staying but it offered me the adventure I am always up for. We had a feeling that sleeping will not be a part of our itinerary so we just rented 2 large cabanas. Me and the panikis were too busy playing poker while the rest of the group were busy swimming and drinking.

following them boyz…

it was so peaceful…

At around 5:00pm, we stood up the table and decided to swim for a while. I was reminded that we are not to swim on a sandy beach and be careful. After a couple of minutes, we decided to have a walk and head off to the cave.

It was a long walk but upon reasching the destination, whallla!

It was all worth it!

after a long walk, finally!

sunset where art thou?

the rock climb attempt…

We decided to go back before dusk. We continued playing cards and some continued drinking but most of them slept. Had we known that it is part of their itinerary, we could have gotten ourselves a room.

Jome and I headed back to Manila at 6:00am.

simple beach… good people…


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