Puerto Galera

Posted: May 22, 2012 in Luzon, Photos, Travel
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island hopping

jumpshot– one of the islands…

Everytime I am up for a rest, I always receive FB alerts on a possible weekend getaway and my visits to Puerto Galera are not exempted.

We always opt to leave early in the morning for a Galera trip. We would meet in JAM liner (just beside GMA network) and ride the 5:00AM trip. From Kamuning, it may take 2 hours to get to Batangas Port and to get to Mindoro (White Beach, Puerto Galera), it may take an hour or two depending on the size/ type of boat you (luckily) got a ticket for.

usual boat off to puerto galera…

from top — white beach

walking is fun!

Puerto Galera is one of the many choices for quick getaways and team buildings. Instead of spending a lot of money for a Boracay flight, Puerto Galera is  usually the pick of many. It offers great night life, superb activities and cheaper accommodations.

rice all you can!

Accommodations range from tents to fist class hotel rooms. If you are a thrift backpacker, you may choose the tent style accommodation or rent a room for an overnight stay. Families also spend time in Puerto Galera renting transient houses.

jungle @ puerto galera

As for activities, enjoy snorkeling, diving,  cave visit, island hopping, banana boat riding, tattoo, trekking,   etc. (same activities Boracay offers).

band playing, people dancing, more – more drinking!

the famous mindoro sling

A  Puerto Galera night out  will never be complete without trying their famous Mindoro Sling.


it’s always been this logo 🙂


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