Northern Exposure 2012

Posted: May 16, 2012 in Luzon, Photos, Travel
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Me and my Family

me and my family @ Manaoag

Just as when I thought I am to spend my weekend at home, I was informed by Mamamia that we are headed for another roadtrip and this time we are going north.

Meeting place was at EEI homebase, Friday – May 10, 4am. We were not sure about the itinerary but my sister told us that we would be visiting Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine, Baguio City and Hundred Islands. Joining the team, we left Manila at around 5:30am heading north. We took the Mindanao Avenue route to NLEX and had our 1st stopover at Lakeshore in Pampanga.

Our Lady of Manaoag

Our Lady of Manaoag


candles @ Our Lady of Manaoag…


lunch @ Manaoag…

At around 10:00 am we are already at Our Lady of Manaoag Shrine. We were not able to attend a mass but we paid respect to Her and offered our prayers. After several pictures taken, we grab a quick lunch. Our family decided to just stay within the compound and get our lunch in one of the foodshoppes  then rest for a while. Papapicolino went to the stores outside the compound and got us some tupigs and my favorite bucayo. Since we were headed  for 3 more hours drive, we decided to freshen up too. The restrooms are clean and we said it was the comfort room we need at times like this (lol).

Mimay and Me

just outside EEI’s staff house….

We went directly to EEI Staff house at Monterrazas Subdivision. The place is near Baguio City Highway border, we took the 1st right turn from the Mansion. To our surprise, Maam Bing had prepared checklists, task assignments and rooms assignments for the trip (too bad she was not able to join).  The itinerary is also set from the QC reporting to places to visit.

@ Grotto

resting @ Grotto….

Being the adiktus familia that we are. We did not completely joined the rest of the group during the Day 2 itinerary. We initially joined them to PMA but since I was not wearing proper footwear we did not continue with the trip (No slippers allowed but shorts are ok, WOW!!). We waited for them at the grotto then joined them to Burnham Park where we parted ways. For lunch, we opted to stay at Ganza .

Our family decided to take a dip. Yes, we are in Baguio and we want to swim. From Burnham Park we went back to the staff house and grabbed some of our stuff and went off to swim. We have stopped atleast 6 times to ask for the direction to Trese Itogon Hotsprings. When Manang Joy told us it’s near, I had a feeling that it really is far. After about 45 minutes of driving and several zigzags and up & down slopes, we finally reached the place.

Oh Yeah!!

we were here!

Carlo Trese Resort
13000 Level Pool

on my way up to Carlo Trese Resort

Carlo Trese Resort

Carlo Trese Resort

It’s called 13000 level hotsprings, we initially thought we were at 13000 fish ponds but with all the people walking with their towels, it is confirmed that we were at the right place. There were several resorts to choose from. If your are the adventorous type, you can go to the resorts situated at the top most part of the hill by passing the hanging bridge, or if you are like us, you may take the lower footbridge and work your way up to the resorts. The hotspring resorts’ entrance fee is Php30 and the cottages are Php200.00. For overnight stay, they charge Php100.00 which includes entrance fee and cottage use. After an hour of enjoying, we decided to go back to Baguio. It’s getting the dark and it’s raining, we were nervous on our travel back because of the road.

Kiddie Pool

Kiddie Pool @ Carlo Trese Resort

@ carlo trese

view from our cottage @ carlo trese…

When we reached Baguio, we went to the ancestral house of the Bautistas to give them the mango catsup my brother got for them. We had our dinner at SM Baguio then rested for the night.

Baguio @ night

Baguio @ night (taken at SM Baguio)…

As early as 6am, we are already preparing for our trip back home. We stopped by Good Shepherd to buy some pasalubongs then strawberry farm before heading off to Manila.

@ Good Shepherd

pasalubongs here we come!!!


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