Posted: May 15, 2012 in Old Blog

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


This week is not a very usual week… its not because of valentines day!!!! its just that out of the fourteen supervisors that we have in LL…(of course we have to consider mommy arlene)… only few is visible on the floor… not because of read time it because most of us took advantage of our leave credits..
we also had some issues about agents and sups hala … heller… and as if!!! good thing “tandang pananong” is back… and of course “ruffeet” as well…
weird things are still happening in LL… not inside the office nor on the floor… its all about our agents’ reasoning… why? when an agent was asked.. ” Why are you absent?.. you didn’t even bother calling the sick line..” the reply that we had… “I can’t move on… (sob… sob..sob… the boyfriend actually broke up with the agent ..)…” there is also one agent, who is always calling the sickline, but when asked for the reason of absence “i can’t hear you clearly.. (sob…sob..sob) i am very problematic! i do not have money for my check up… i think i have to talk to HR… the company should cover my medical since i got this from taking calls!!!…” … hala… heller … and as if !!!

Valentine’s day… many of you may be celebrating it the nicest sweetest way possible but here in LL… naah!!! we rushed an agent to medical city!!! we got some bad news from “tandang pananong”.. how sweet?? i was thinking of a nice dinner with beer and booze… but we ended up eating siomai and drinking brewed coffee… really sweet?

The week isn’t over yet… but atleast we are headed to a nice weekend… we have the two pasaway guys back in the team and we are to expect mommy arlene to come back soon….


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