Posted: May 15, 2012 in Old Blog

Thursday, February 09, 2006


I just sit up all alone in the park for many hours …Thinkin’ all about the precious moments that we have shared… I thought back then that you and I were meant to be…. It’s funny, boy, how I believed that you really, really care… You said that I will always be the one for you… But tell me, babe, Who’s that girl you kissed last night… You knew how much I really loved you… Seems you just can’t keep your love from dying tonight…I’m running away from the places and things that make me think of you… But I guess there’s just no letting go of this feeling I ache inside… Running away, I’ve been trying.. So hard to keep away from you… Now forgetting you is all I have to do… That’s why I’m runnin’away from you…The time that we’ve been through were always on my mind…I never thought that there will be an end…How I wish that this was all a dream… It did hurt in me inside all over again


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