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Friday, February 03, 2006


a busy night for us here in LL… mimay is trying to finish her load and i’m trying to complete the LL grad report… she is actually staying in the sup room while i do the report here in the training room… the ghetto training room..

see this board >>>>>>>>

this is one of jeffrey’s project for us … hahaha… now the agent’s would know how good looking their sups are… but you can also use WERE (how good looking their sups were…) after a week of taking sup calls and explaining things over and over again… we morphed into something else…….

<<<< looking like this >>>>

errrr….just kidding… we still look good though… with these people around you “THE LEARNING LABRADORS”(look at the board ….Hmmmmm) … you may be tired of work but you’ll never get tired of going to work… asking why??? well… you have to check it out yourself… now your asking how???? all you have to do is >>>> submit your updated Resume with updated Internal Job Bid Form @ 3/f Edsa Central (MRT Station) TP Recruitment Office… and wait till jeffrey calls you for an interview…

see yah!!! and by the way in LL you will know and learn how patience became a virtue!!!!

Words to ponder for today: “Patience is a virtue, seldom seen in women… never possessed by men…”


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