Kamay Ni Hesus

Posted: May 10, 2012 in Luzon, Photos, Travel
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Family Picture

We were able to do it!

We paid a visit to our relatives residing in Project 6, Quezon City last April 8. It served as a mini reunion for us as well. Two of our aunts who are living abroad came home and our grannies from the Salcedo side were also present. It is very seldom that we get the chance to meet up and share our stories.

It was a surprise for me when tita Marvie (my tita from the US), hugged me and told that she is fond of my FB posts. She even remembered my post about the cebu pacific incident we had. After lunch, everyone is sharing stories, experiences and travels over the years and that is when an out of town church visit was discussed. Initially, we agreed to visit Manaoag but since my family will be in Laguna for the rest of the week, we then changed it to Kamay ni Hesus.

Kamay ni Hesus

The Church and Hill to Ascending Christ

Kamay ni Hesus is considered as one of the top lenten destination. Strategically located in the slope of Mt. Banahaw in Lucban Quezon, the compound (as I think of it), is one of the best pilgrim venues in the country.

The church is situated in the middle of the compound. Its backdrop is the famous 292 steps leading to the 50 – foot Ascending Christ Statue. Surrounding the church are several life size statues of saints, Virgin Mary and angels.


Several statues of the Virgin mary

The entrance to the hill of 14 stations of the cross is the Garden of Eden. As soon as you enter the gate, you will be astounded by the beauty of the garden and Noah’s Ark. Noah’s Ark is sometimes looked into as a play ground but it is not just that. It is a place of prayer and tranquility. It offers rooms/ function area for pilgrims and retreats.

Station of the Cross

on our way up the hill…

Station of the Cross

Halfway up…

As you go your way up to the hill, you can enjoy the beauty of nature and the scenic design of the compound. Halfway the hill and you can start seeing the whole compound and the beauty of Laguna’s and Quezon’s landscape.

the view

view from top… (halfway up)…

It is also considered as a healing center. They are offering healing masses every week with Fr. Joey Faller (http://www.joeyfaller.org/) .


Other life size statues…

Don’t fret. If you think you will get tired, thirsty and hungry on this trip, the answer will be YES! but food shops are available. They offer their local favorites pancit habhab, bulalo, lumpia, buko juice and a lot more. Pasalubong center is also in the vicinity.


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