Hidden Valley – 2010

Posted: March 14, 2011 in Luzon, Photos, Travel
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Hidden Valley (2010)<<< click link to check out the slideshow

Our call time was 6AM. It was my off and I decided to join the team in their Hidden Valley adventure.

It was the 1st time I met Dj’s hubby Sean, who was also from Sprint, way back.

About an hour and half drive off to South Super highway we reached the town of Alaminos in Laguna.

Anyone who is fond of natural spring water (pool) and tropical rainforest will definitely enjoy this place.

Entrance is Php1800 per head for a day tour. This will cover free usage of pools, lockers (actually, Php200 refundable deposit is required to use it), tour (walking from point A to point anywhere) and Food.

Yep! Just like Villa Escudero, except for the chapel, museum and dining ambiance.

After spending time @ the soda pool and eating snacks, we head off the the hidden falls. It was one helluva walk. It was very tiring and a bit scary as the walk way may be steep at some point but as soon as you hear the splash ~~ it will be all worth it.

The place reminded me of  “Okay Ka Fairy Ko!”

We drove back to Manila (of course we were using TP shuttle) before 6pm. I had to cover for the weekend shift 🙂

TripAdvisor™ TripWow ★ Hidden Valley (2010) Slideshow ★ to Alaminos (near San Pablo), Santo Tomas (near Los Banos) and Pasig City (near Mandaluyong) by Dutz Dacanay. Stunning free travel slideshows on TripAdvisor via Hidden Valley (2010) Slideshow(May 2010)


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