The Kick-off of Maddie’s Last Hurrah.. (Kidnap day 1)

Posted: March 8, 2011 in Food, Photos

Sometime in 2009, Maddie Mallari (our ever reliable site lead) had to leave Bacolod. We started to have a series of farewell parties for her but our Bar 21 breakfast made it “The Series”. Maddie , Gil, Jirah and Ian went to Bar 21 straight from shift while I, being the drama queen that I am,  followed right before 8am. They were already in the middle of their meal when I arrived. As usual, I ordered a Filipino breakfast with scrambled eggs, beef tapa and garlic rice.

It was supposed to be just plain breakfast but we ended up having several serving of desserts, san miguel light and a serving of the scary margarita.

Believe me, when i say scary, It must be scary because I am one helluva drinker.

(This is Maddie~~~quite surprised, isn’t she? )

We had so much fun being the only guests inside the room. We took a lot of pictures and had a lot of reminiscing (wink to Jirah and Ian ~~ don’t worry no picture will be posted).

At around 930AM, we started talking about places we would want to go. We have pulled some strings to get a self-drive van for the day (since angel nor kit are not available for a roadtrip that day).

This roadtrip kicked off  “The Series”.


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