Starting a Photo, Food and Travel Blog…

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Food, Photos, Travel

I had my first trip out of the country in 1990. I was alone boarding a plane bound to Hongkong in the then called Manila International Airport.

Nine years later, I’ve decided to do a project. A project named ~~~ Libot Pilipinas. I started travelling out of town with my friends and  my family, with 1 goal ~~~ TO TRAVEL THE WHOLE COUNTRY AND TAKE AS MUCH PICTURES AS POSSIBLE.

I am limiting my out of town trips into 4 per year starting 2011. This way, I can make sure I have enough money for all my trips 🙂

First quarter of 2011 is done with a family trip to Bohol. Next on this year’s itineraries are Palawan and revisiting Bicol and Bacolod.

These are the things I want to accomplish in this blog:

  • My Foto Blog ~~ I’ll be re-uploading pictures taken from my trips, gathering attended and pig out sessions, then write a blog about it 🙂
  • Do-it-Yourself trips memoirs ~~~ I’ll be posting my travel memoirs via blog. All of my previous trips , new trips and itinerary planing..
  • Food ~~~ what i had, what i crave, what i cooked and new recipes

I am getting a new backpack and a new camera too!


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